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If you have decided to move to Japan with your family, you may be wondering about schooling for your children. For children that have already entered school abroad, changing to the Japanese school system, especially without any Japanese language knowledge, is an extreme challenge. Luckily, there are over 100 international schools in Tokyo for your children to attend and feel comfortable in their new country of residence. 

What is an "International School"?

International schools comprise of both foreign and Japanese students who seek to pursue K-12 education in primarily English. International schools can provide an environment very similar to schools in the west while adhering to Japanese education standards. If your children continue to live in Japan after graduating highschool, they will be at the same level as other students of the regular Japanese schooling system. International schools provide opportunities for you children to grow in a globalized environment as well as learn Japanese. They can make friends with people not just from their home country, but also from Japan and other countries like India, England, Hong Kong, and many more. Many international schools are uniform free, giving your child the same freedom of dress as they may have had in their home country. Of course, there are also plenty of international schools that do require uniforms if that is what you are looking for. Many international schools also can give religious education, such as Christian academies. 

Where can I find an international school?

International schools are located throughout Tokyo, but primarily in the central-eastern area of Tokyo. Many international schools are conveniently located on popular train lines, making it easy access for both you and your children even without a car. Many schools are located in Minato-ku.

What are some well-known international schools in Tokyo?

Jingumae International Exchange School (Shibuya)- A popular school for elementary students looking to be on par with other Japanese students. This school enriches curriculum with many Japanese cultural events. 

United School of Tokyo (Shibuya)- Another popular elementary school that offers small classes with education based on the needs of the students. A multicultural and multilingual environment allows students here to flourish!

The American School in Japan (Chofu)- This K-12 school provides students with college preparatory skills and offers dynamic learning experiences for students to learn about Japan. 

In addition to these three popular schools, there are many more schools that can match you and your child's needs while living in Japan. Whether you would like to focus on learning Japanese language and culture, preparing for university, or experiencing a multicultural environment, you are sure to find a school that is perfect for you!

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