3 Reasons Daikanyama is the Best Place to Live in Tokyo

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Often referred to as Tokyo’s Little Brooklyn, Daikanyama is an upper-class residential area that sits just one station from Shibuya. And though it’s close to the hectic Tokyo downtown, it offers an entirely different feel and atmosphere.

The narrow streets are bordered with gorgeous low-rise buildings, and though they are quiet, they are also full of life. The neighborhood is usually skipped by tourists, and as a result the area’s many stylish boutiques and chic cafes are packed with well-standing, yet always-friendly residents, and even an occasional celebrity. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the three main reasons that make Daikanyama a dream to live in

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It’s Centrally Located 

Many foreigners decide to live in Daikanyama because it’s peaceful, yet close to all the major hubs of Tokyo. Daikanyama Station offers quick and direct rides to Shibuya, Nakameguro, Yokohama and many other popular areas of Tokyo.

If you like long walks and discovering the nearby neighborhoods at your own pace, there’s something for you as well. The equally trendy Ebisu and Nakameguro neighborhoods are minutes away, and so is the Meguro River, with its green walkways and fine dining spots. 

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It’s An Attractive Residential Area

If you want a luxury experience in Japan, Daikanyama is the ideal place for you.  

The home prices and rent in Daikanyama are some of the most expensive in Japan, but that high-end appeal is exactly what attracts affluent foreigners to the area. There are both grand houses and modern apartments available for future residents, and you can easily find your dream home in the neighborhood. 

The atmosphere is unique and incomparable to any other neighborhood in Tokyo. Regardless of its vicinity to Shibuya, it has maintained its tranquility and is never as crowded as its neighbor.  

There are luxurious shops, trendy cafes, and gourmet restaurants at nearly every corner. Additionally, the medical and educational institutions offer top-of-the-line services and there are several public parks where you can have an afternoon stroll or let your children enjoy the playgrounds. 

There’s Always Something To Do 

Daikanyama is packed with small businesses and is one of those places that never gets boring. Besides the luxurious shops and cafes, there are also other attractions that make living in this area even more pleasant.

The historic Kyu Asakura House, the bustling complex Hillside Terrace, and the unique Lift Etage gallery are just some of the things you can explore and enjoy in the neighborhood. 


Marrying a central location with a high-end atmosphere, Daikanyama is one of the best places to live in Tokyo for affluent foreigners The number of small businesses is continually rising, and the peaceful atmosphere seems unaffected by the growing number of tourists in Japan. 

Finally, you can find exciting real estate opportunities for both rent and purchase, and there are tons of green areas where you can stroll, meditate or enjoy the sun. High-end facilities, green spaces, easy access to all Tokyo locations, and a peaceful atmosphere—it seems that Daikanyama has it all. 

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