Top Japanese Luxury Yachts

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Yachts are the ultimate symbol of decadence. With sizes ranging up to 181 meters (almost the length of two football fields), these floating mansions—replete with dozens of guest cabins, heated swimming pools and helicopter pads—eat up millions of dollars in annual maintenance and staffing cost. The $5.7 billion a year luxury yacht industry is no stranger to Japan—the country is home to many respected yacht builders such as Kanasashi Heavy Industries Co and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.. 

While the majority of the world's most expensive yachts are owned by Middle Eastern royals and Russian oligarchs, Japan does produce some of the most expensive and luxurious yachts known to man.

• ATTESSA IV | ¥16.49 billion ($149 million)

The Attessa IV is a 92 meter (302 ft) superyacht built by Hayashikane Zosen KK in 1999. The yacht, initially designed by Felix Buytendijk and Diana Yacht Design, underwent a massive renovation in 2007. Attessa IV, which has a passenger capacity of 38, features a host of amenities that includes 19 luxurious cabins, a pool, a spa, a gym, and an onboard helicopter with a landing pad. Manned by a crew of 21, the yacht has a cruise speed of 4.21 knots and a maximum speed of 22 knots.


"Attessa IV in Desolation Sound" by nwclassicyacht is licensed under CC 2.0 

• Guntu | ¥5.5 billion ($49.9 milion)

Part yacht and part ryokan, Guntu is the brainchild of visionary architect Yasushi Horibe and legendary chef Kenzo Sato. The 19-suite, 266-foot-long vessel, built by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, is the personification of luxury and opulence on the sea. Guests are left in solitude inside the spacious and artfully decorated ryokan. Every inch of the vessel has been carefully designed and crafted by artisans in Hiroshima to deliver a timeless and unforgettable experience to guests as the Guntu sails across the Setouchi region of western Osaka.

Guntu SuitesImage via Guntu Suites

• O’MEGA | ¥6.4 billion ($58 million)

Built in 1987 on the shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the O'Mega is a refined and exquisite mega yacht designed for endless summer days and nights. The 82.5 meters (270.7 feet) vessel is spacious and decadent, featuring clean, elegant lines and color schemes that augment one's sense of space. Designed by famed naval architect Giorgio Vafiadis, O'Mega has a live-in crew of 30 to look after 28 to 32 passengers in its 14 cabins spread across four decks. This superyacht is available for rent at the cost of €450,000 per week.

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