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Hoosiers Investing $18.8 Million in Vietnam and $3.1 Million in Cambodia

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Real Estate Hoosiers Holdings announced that it would establish a wholly-owned subsidiary " Hoosiers Asia Pacific" (capital of $ 700,000) in Singapore and enter the real estate business in the Asia Pacific region.

It is invested in a specialized company (SPC) aiming to Vietnam and Cambodia, consisted of Creed Holdings Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, and real estate investment activities will be progressed by the management.

The investment objective is the apartment business Ho Chi Minh City and the townhouse business in Phnom Penh. The amount of investment scheduled for the Vietnam project is 18.8 million dollars and 3.1 million dollars for Cambodia.

Hoosiers Holdings has undertaken structural reform of its business as the main theme for the expansion of area, target and business scope. For the sake of the three facts, they have been studying how to unfold the business in overseas markets, how to enter the real estate business in the region and how to focus on expanding the property market in the Asia-Pacific region where economic growth is remarkable.

As an instance of this investment project, AnGia Skyline (Condominium Business), AnGia Riverside (Condominium Business), La Casa (Condominium Business) of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, ARATA (Townhouse Business) of Cambodia Phnom Penh have been announced.

AnGia Skyline and AnGia Riverside are scheduled to finish the construction period within 2017. La Casa is said to begin its construction in July 2017, the release for the property will be August 2017. ARATA starts its construction from May 2, 1997, and the property sales start date is scheduled for June 2017.

Since 2011, Creed Holdings has changed its investment target to Asia and been unfolding real estate investment in Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh, other than Vietnam. With the cooperation of Creed Holdings, which specializes in real estate investment in the Asia-Pacific region, the attention will be gained in the future, in terms of the movements from Hoosiers Holdings overseas.

Writer: Miyuki Kashiwado

Source: 【newsclip.be】フージャース ベトナム、カンボジアで不動産投資