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Australians Investing in Japan Now More Than Ever

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Foreigners who seek to invest in property or purchase a vacation home in Japan especially for skiing and snowboarding is nothing new. However, Japan has seen a rise in the number of Australians interested in and purchasing Japanese property. One of the major reasons is that the current Japanese real estate market is extremely affordable when compared with that of Australia. Ski towns throughout Japan are becoming increasingly popular with foreigners thanks to their low prices and easy access to the slopes.

Of the Australians that are purchasing property in the ski towns of Japan’s mountainous regions, such as Hokkaido, many are actually quite young. High entry prices in Australia can be intimidating for first time buyers, making Japan’s low prices incredibly attractive. These low prices can also make way for successful returns in investment. With higher entry prices, it can be hard to get a high yield when investing in Australian property.

Looking at the prices of properties in popular skiing areas in both countries, it is easy to see why Australians would choose to invest in Japan. A 1-bedroom apartment in Perisher Valley, New South Wales, can go for around 199,000 to 235,000 AUD. In Sapporo, Hokkaido, a 4-bedroom condominium can go for around 163,000 to 248,000 AUD.

As Japan does not restrict the purchasing of land and properties by foreigners, there are limitless opportunities for not only Australians, but also for other foreigners interested in Japan. Be it a seasonal vacation home or for investment purposes, now is one of the best times to buy in Japan.

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