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Japan Makes Move on Investing in Vietnamese Real Estate

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Japan has recently spent over $4.2 billion USD towards investing in real estate in Vietnam. Previously, many Asian countries had been investing in Vietnam, but only in areas of commercial property. However, with this new investment, Japan is focusing on residential areas with apartments, detached houses, and condominiums.

Japan is known for creating efficient and successful small metropolitan towns; therefore they believe that they can “export” this method of urban planning to other countries with hopes to emulate the same success seen in Japan. Not only is building these satellite towns a wise business choice for Japan, but it has also sparked interest within Vietnam. The building of “smart towns” is attractive to investors, the Vietnamese government, and potential residents.

Japanese investment is also helpful for Vietnamese real estate companies, giving Vietnamese companies the much-needed cooperation or support they need to continue on over 1,200 projects nationwide.

Along with the Vietnamese companies benefiting from the cooperation of Japanese investment firms, Vietnamese customers are also able to purchase property that is built to high-quality Japanese standards, per the terms of the Japanese investors. Vietnamese companies can also benefit from learning Japanese business methods and applying them within Vietnam and essentially improving the quality of their services. Overall, both Japan and Vietnam can enjoy the benefits of Japanese investment, giving major Vietnamese cities improvements in technology and living standards while Japanese companies are getting a fruitful yield from their investments.