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Tokyo Ranks in the World's Top 7 Cities For Real Estate Investment

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America’s biggest commercial brokerage Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) chose 83 cities around the world for the most attractive for real estate investment markets. The report, released in 2018 placed Tokyo at the top of the “Big 7”. It says Tokyo should not be overlooked as a real estate investment market. Other cities in Japan; Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka placed in the top 83. China had the highest number of cities on the list with 12, making them the country with the most investable cities in Asia.

JLL has 300 branches in 80 countries globally and deals with management and mediation of commercial real estate, logistics facilities, offices, and hotels. This report was based on the transaction price and the number of contracts closed from their database.

83 cities were classified into 10 ranks, and London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul were picked as the “Big 7”. It is said that investors who handle multinational businesses and international trade should pay attention to these cities.

Kyoto was judged as the 5th “influencer” where the fluctuation ranges of office rent is small and has a stable real estate market. Nagoya and Osaka was 10th for “Domestic Growth” It means the economic position in Japan is high there.

On the other hand, Shanghai and Beijing were chosen for the second “challengers” from China. Guangzhou and Shenzhen were the 7th “Enterpriser” as it has succeeded in attracting large numbers of real estate investors. Chengdu and Chongqing were ranked in 8th for “Power House” where office rents have increased the most.

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