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Prices of Second-hand Condominiums by the JR Nambu-Line Stations

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On May 1st, website “Tokyo Base” published the average price of one tsubo (a tsubo = 3.3 m2) based on the asking price of used condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The calculations were calculated separately for each train station, with data accumulated from December 2017 to February 2018.

In JR Nambu Line (Kawasaki ~ Tachikawa), the price per 3.3 square meter was 1,930,000 yen. Compared to data from last year, it has gone up 50,000 yen, a 2.5% increase. The number of condominiums have increased by 251 to 2,921 from the previous year, with an average age of 19.8 years old. The average occupied area showed a decrease from 60.08 square meters last year to 58.59 square meters. The most expensive condominium was in “Fuchu-honmachi” priced at 1,610,000 yen. Tachikawa showed no changes, and other stations did not have enough data to generate results. The highest price in Fuchu-honmachi went up 50% from the previous year.

In JR Nambu Line (Branch line - Shitte ~ Hama-Kawasaki) the average price per 3.3 square meter was 1,690,000 yen. It has gone up 160,000 yen, a 10.2% increase from the previous year. The number of condominiums decreased by 14 to a total of 262. The average age of the condominiums was 17.2 years old, and the average occupied area decreased by 0.03 square meters to 56.00 square meters. The most expensive condominium costed 1,840,000 yen in the Hacho-nawate area.

The JR Nambu branch line experienced promising growth and went into double digits. Especially in Hacho-nawate, where an 8% increase was maintained from the previous year.