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2020-12-18 UPDATED

USD 13,632,365

3 Bedrooms Condominium/ Apartment/ Santa Rosa Laguna [ID: 150956]

Santa Rosa City, Laguna Santa Rosa Laguna Philippines

113.0 ㎡   3 Bedrooms

Type of PropertyCondominium / Apartment
Total Levels
Built inNot determined
Property PricePHP 655,226,000
Immediate Move-inNo
Expected Move In DateNegotiable
113.0 sqm(㎡) / 1216.32 sqf
Maintenance Fee(PHP)unknown
Sinking Funds(PHP)unknown
Parking Fee(PHP)unknown
Expected Gross YieldNon-disclosure: Please contact us for details
Units for sell1
Company Info
BEYOND BORDERS CO.,LTD. 東京都知事(1)98329号 Park Front Shinjuku 3rd Floor, Shinjuku 2-8-15, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan [TEL] +(81)-3-5366-5095


This Condominium/ Apartment located in Laguna, Santa Rosa. It has a total floor area of 113.0 ㎡ with 3 total bedrooms.Price originally is PHP 655,226,000. English and Japanese assistants are available for you to view and create a contract.