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2021-06-28 UPDATED

USD 409,202

Villa in Hara, Suwa, Nagano

17217-293 Harayama Suwa gun hara mura Nagano Japan

161.48 ㎡   4 Bedrooms

A Villa surrounded with green natures and having good accessibility to a resort area.

Type of PropertyHouse
Access8 minutes by car from 'Suwa-Minami' Exit of the central high way. (The road is straight and easy to drive a car from the exit to the villa. You will drive in the forest for the last 2 minutes.)
Total Levels1-Story
Built in August 2008
Building Area
161.48 sqm(㎡) / 1738.15 sqf
Land RightsFreehold


There is enough space to enjoy BBQ with many people on the deck spreading sleepers. An enclosure of the wide garden is suitable for children's garden play and dog run. In the garden, plenty of dandelions and clovers bloom in spring, birds tweet in summer, leaves turn red and yellow in autumn, and snow falls on fir tree which alikes a Christmas tree in winter. The water pipe does not freeze in winter, and the window glass uses pair glass so that it keeps warmth indoors as it is a building corresponding to cold district. You can feel the warmth of the tree as we use plenty of solid wood. Powerful Heating appliances are equipped to warm the whole large room enough. In addition, dangerous animals such as monkeys, bears, and wild boars have not appeared in the Haramura area. Deers, foxs and squirrels have been seen sometimes. Located at an altitude of 1200 m height, you can enjoy Japanese unique 4 seasons and there is less humidity. You will enjoy the relaxed and comfortable time in every season. The shade of trees is pleasant during day time, and it gets cool in evening during summer season. It is so-called summer resort. Smooth powdery snow falls in winter. Either summer or winter is different from the urban city area. You may stay comfortable through a year.

There are many resorts such with hot spring facilities and golf courses in the surrounding area. It is a 20-minute drive from the Yatsugatake ski resort, Yatsugatake outlet and Yatsugatake Hoshino Resort. It is also easy to access resort areas such as Fujimi Kogen, Tateshina Kogen, and Lake Shirakaba. It is 35 minutes by car to Lake Suwa. The number of fireworks displayed on the Lake Suwa is the largest in Japan. It is 8 minutes by car to the nearest convenience store, 15 minutes by car to a supermarket store, drug store, bookstore, and 100 yen shop, 5 minutes by car to the supermarket store and restaurant named "Tatisana Free Farm" with local vegetables, 13 minutes by car to a clinic, 15 minutes to Fujimi Takahara hospital, and 22 minutes by car to Suwa Central Hospital.

Because of the size of the floor area, we have obtained the permission of Simple inn business. Fulfilling the equipment standards, it is frequently used by guests through Airbnb in addition to be used by the owner itself. An entire villa is lended to permited guests without the owner. The rental sales is about ¥165,000 per month on average. Of this, excluding cleaning consignment and expenses, you will be generating a profit of approximately ¥100,000 per month. To continue the business, you will need to re-apply for the permission of changing the owner. Approximately ¥300,000 was spent on facilities and construction such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, guidance lights, fireproof curtains and so on for the initial permission of the business. It, however, may costs only ¥23,000 for the new application fee as all the facilities are in place right now. The permission will be obtained smoothly if submitting documents since as it has been passed the tests of fire extinguisher and the on-site inspection of public health centers.
In addition, we have entrusted an agent in the area which have taken care of mowing, cleaning and laundry after guests use the villa for many years. It is possible to introduce it if necessary.