Living in Nakameguro: What is it like for foreigners?

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Nakameguro is an area perfectly tucked in a cherry blossom viewing spot along the Meguro River in Tokyo. The tiny metropolis is not the common tourist attraction you see in the country. Rather, it is a home to uber-cool hairdressers, celebrities, bike shops, and ambitious young professionals. It is a luxurious side of Tokyo with plenty of affordable gems you cannot resist. 

Nakameguro has a massive density of good hipster boutiques, cafes, fine dining places, and exotic shops that are exclusively built to spoil rich pets. The district is a busy one, but goes quiet after the spring fever and attracts artsy and laid back crowd. Every season in Nakameguro is a wonderful time to visit and you are not going to have a dull moment. 

Read more about how to navigate your way around Nakameguro and enjoy the best of this popular destination.

Nakemeguro: The Home To surprisingly Diverse Tourism

Nakameguro evokes memories of an expensive and luxurious residential area with a famous cherry blossom viewing ("hanami") spot. Life comes to the neighborhood during the spring season, where booze, selfie sticks and a veritable lifestyle and festival of culture take the center stage in the city. The delightful Nakemeguro brims with beautiful scenery and calm surroundings that blends relaxation and fun. The city is one of the gems that Tokyo can boast when it comes to tourism.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Marunouchi Line to Kasumigaseki Station, transfer to the Hibiya Line to Nakameguro Station (23 minutes)
  • From Shibuya Station, take Tōkyū Tōyoko Line to Nakameguro Station (14 minutes)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Fukutoshin Line to Nakameguro (13 minutes)

Famous Locations


Shokaku-Ji is hidden on the quiet street of Nakameguro. It is a Nichiren-sect Buddhist temple that attracts thousands of tourists. It was built in 1619, still preserving its roots with a touch of modernity to it. 

You are free to explore the temple if there is no funeral service. The Nakameguro station is close-by.


  • Address: 3-1-6 Nakameguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo
  • Direction: 0.2 miles from Nakameguro Station

Meguro Sky Garden

How best can you embrace the charming Mount Fuji if not from the Meguro Sky Garden? You have a lot of tourists’ attractions to behold from the canal towards the Ikejiri-Ohashi Station. Adventure beckons on you when you ascend to the elevator in the roundish Meguro Sky Garden that opens a magnificent view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo.

The Meguro Sky Garden is one of the popular places you can visit when you are in the district. The way it is designed and the calmness that surrounds the garden is something you need to experience yourself.


  • Address: 1 Chome-9-2 Ohashi, 目黒区 Tokyo 153-0044, Japan
  • Direction: Meguro Sky Garden is located near the Ikehiriohashi station

The Meguro River

One of the finest spots in Nakameguro is the Meguro River that is more of a beautiful canal that is lined by walkways. Fashionistas come here to experience the mesmerizing side of Tokyo just like what is experienced in Amsterdam canals. On both sides of the river are bars, coffee shops, chocolate café, art galleries and other places to relax. 

The riverside has become the perfect spot to view cherry blossoms. You can come around with your family or partner and enjoy the picturesque scenario. There is always something to do along the Meguro River.


  • Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo Setagaya-ku, Shinagawa-ku
  • Direction: About 5-6 minutes from Meguro station.

Why foreigners live in Nakameguro

The European Atmosphere

Nestled beautifully within the Meguro District, Nakameguro exudes luxury and peace that gives a laid-back lifestyle. Shoppers happily move around without a care about time, while tourists stroll along the Meguro River to take in the breathtaking scenario. 

The Nakameguro neighborhood is very hip, charming, and lively. You can window shop along the Meguro River, take beautiful pictures and have a great time out as you mingle with cute dogs and tourists. 

Furthermore, Daikanyama, another fashionable area in Tokyo, is a mere 15-minute walk. You will be able to shop in two stylish districts without the need for public transport.

Vibrant Nightlife

Nakameguro has become a home to diverse nightlife activity. You can enjoy the best of Tokyo’s beers at the numerous taprooms, such as the Baird Beer Taproom. 

There are also night cafés that play good music that you would surely love. The DJ bar Solfa is one of the places that keep Nakameguro alive throughout the night. Most of the bars are stock with classic wines from around the world.

And if you love dancing, there are dance floors that would keep you awake throughout the night. 

The Hippest Destination

The location of Nakameguro, which is regarded as slightly aloof, adds to the intrigue you would embrace in the city. The place is not in a hurry to push you away with its hip activities. You come and literally don’t want to move away. Tourists feel at home with affordable accommodations and plenty of places to visit.

The Feeling of Home

There are few places in the world that offer the serenity and tranquility that Nakameguro offers its guests. The locals are hospitable and willing to give you a helping hand. The atmosphere is filled with love and excitement. It is child-friendly and welcoming to the elderly too. 

Furthermore, Nakano Station is the terminal station of the Hibiya Line, and is passed by the Tokyo-Toyoko Line and Fukutoshin Line, which can take you up to the beautiful area of Yokohama. For this reason, Nakameguro is an ideal place for commuters and fashionable individuals.


While Nakameguro is known for being a popular destination for cherry blossom viewing during the spring, its liveliness and coziness last all year long. With its attractive location, and numerous shops and restaurants, Nakameguro should definitely be on your list when moving to Japan.

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