Living in Futako-Tamagawa: What is it Like for Foreigners?

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Futako-Tamagawa is a very famous town among the Japanese population, suitable for working and living. In fact, the area ranked #11 in the “22 Best Places to Live in Tokyo” list. Most people go for a day-trip in this popular area, and end up falling in love with the residential locality.

Futako-Tamagawa - The quiet residential area

Futako-Tamagawa, also known as “Niko-tama”, is a tranquil residential area surrounded by abundant nature, coming from the Tamagawa River. Located in the Setagaya district and only 20 minutes from Shibuya, it is also one of Tokyo’s most sought-after areas.

The Futako-Tamagawa station has been renovated in the early 2000s, surrounded by plenty spacious hotels, residential buildings and shopping malls. Further development is to be expected due to the relocation of the new headquarters of a renowned IT company.

By coming to this locality, you will be able to enjoy the multiple parks filled with beautiful nature. Indeed, being close to the Tamagawa river has many advantages, such as the Hyogojima Park, the Futakotamagawa Park, and the Kinuta Park.

But visiting parks is not the only enjoyable activity in this area. Futako-Tamagawa is home to multiple temples, bringing its visitors back to a Japan from centuries ago. Furthermore, shopping malls and cafes are not too far from the residential area. You can grab a cup of coffee and walk around the tranquil streets.

Additionally, this area is quite famous among Japanese celebrities. So be quick if you are planning on living there, because, despite high-prices, it is of high demand.

Plus, if you heard about Futako-Tamagawa, then you must have heard about Futako-Tamagawa Rise. This large shopping and residential area, not far from the Futako-Tamagawa Station, comprises of several 151m tall towers, which are among the top 150 tallest buildings in Tokyo.

As is evident, Futako-Tamagawa is undergoing exciting developments, while maintaining its beautiful nature.


Railway Access
  • From Tokyo Station, take the Keihin-Tohoku Rapid Line to Oimachi Station, and transfer to Oimachi Express Line to Futako-Tamagawa Station (35 min.)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Denen-toshi Line to Futako-Tamagawa Station (15 min.)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Yamanote Line to Shibuya Station, and transfer to the Denen-toshi Line to Futako-Tamagawa Station (30 min.)
Bus service
From Yoshizawa Bus Stop bound for:
  • Futako-Tamagawa – Number 玉04/玉05/玉06/玉08/玉31/玉32 (4min)
  • Seijo-Gakuenmae – Number 玉07 (19min)
From Futako-Tamagawa Station bound for:
  • Mukogaoka-Yuen – Number 向02 (28min)
  • Musashi-Kosugi – Number 玉11 (29min)
  • Meguro – Number 黒02 (41min)
  • Shibuya – Number 渋12 (43min)
  • Chofu – Number 玉08 (52min)
  • Haneda Airport (62min)
  • Narita Airport (2h32)

Famous Locations

Gotoh Museum

The Gotoh Museum, close to the Setagaya residential area, is not only really impressive, but is also popular for its collection of “Toro”, or Garden Stone Lanterns. Plenty of exhibitions are available, such as Japanese tea tools associated with legendary feudal Lords and Tea masters. Nationals treasures are also present even if they are not the “known by everybody” kind.

The atmosphere is quiet and calm, so you can take your time going around.

Futakotamagawa Park

The Futakotamagawa Park is adjacent to the river and not far from the shopping area. Walk around the abundant nature with a warm drink in one hand for a truly peaceful experience.

Additionally, a traditional Japanese house can be available for a visit from time to time.

Todoroki Valley

Keeping up with the neighborhood’s quiet atmosphere, the Todoroki Valley is the perfect place to go after a day full of noises from the city. Many hidden gems are in there, so be sure to look everywhere! It is so peaceful that you might wonder if you are still in Tokyo.

With a waterfall and shrine, you will be transported into an untouched hidden place of the capital still full of secrets.

Why foreigners live in Futako-Tamagawa

People might be tempted to live in a more popular place in the capital, but Futako-Tamagawa has everything foreigners need to live comfortably.

The area is surrounded by a large department store, an international school, a renowned private girls school, and more convenient facilities. It is also encompassed in beautiful nature, providing a tranquil atmosphere.

Living in Futako-Tamagawa also means being able to go to work in the centre of the capital within 15 minutes.

Since the great development in the 1990s, the property prices started increasing, bringing in many elitists who constructed very large houses. But even with those giant houses, there is still plenty of open space surrounded by nature.

Futako-Tamagawa is truly a place which is friendly and close to everything, attracting Japanese and foreigners alike.

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