Living in Kitasenju: How is it like for foreigners?

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Kitasenju is an area which mixes traditional shrines and modern-day city life. This is the delta between 5 transport lines, quite popular among shopaholics on weekends. You will be able to enjoy walking around and discovering international culinary, restaurants, and little shops, but you will probably end up seeing Lumine’s large building, popular for having more shops than you can ever imagine.

Read further to learn about Kitasenju.

Kitasenju – Where transportation and shopping options are endless

Kitasenju is located in the Adachi District in North-East Tokyo, and is surrounded by numerous train lines. This is a place full of history from the Edo Period and a very interesting place to live in. Numerous temples and shrines through time survived such as Genchoji Temple, Shosenji Temple, and others.

But putting aside all those traditional buildings, Kitasenju is also well-known for being connected with 5 train lines, among which are JR Joban line, Chiyoda line and the Hibiya line. This is one of the greatest strengths of the area.

Another attractive feature of Kitasenju is its cost-efficiency. You will have endless options for affordable shopping and dining, as the area is filled with multiple restaurants, bar districts, and shops.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Tokyo-Ueno Line to Ueno Station, and transfer to the Joban Rapid Line to Kitasenju Station (25 min.)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Hanzomon Line or Ginza Line to Omotesando Station, and transfer to the Chiyoda Line to Kitasenju Station (35 min.)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Yamanote Line to Nippori Station, and transfer to the Joban Line to Kitasenju Station (35 min.)

Famous Locations

1. Senju Ohashi

A real landmark of the Edo period, Senju Ohashi is the first bridge on Sumida river where the legendary Basho started his famous trip of "Narrow Road to the Deep North ".

Local residents and tourists enjoy walking or cycling in this area as it is very peaceful.

2. LUMINE Kitasenju

If you are brave enough for hours of endless shopping, then you should go to Lumine, a large fashion center where you can directly come by train.

You will be able to shop for trendy cosmetics and clothes and dine in the 20 restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, as there are over 50 tax-free shops, it attracts foreigners as well.

Why foreigners live in Futako-Tamagawa

Kitasenju is a highly convenient area, especially for going around central parts of Tokyo and other parts of the Kanto region. By using the JR Joban line, you will be able to go to Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefecture.

By the Tobu Skytree line, the Soramachi Mall will be of easy access. By the Hibiya and Chiyoda subway lines, you can go to central Tokyo in no time. Akihabara is also very close to Kitasenju thanks to the Tsukuba Express. By taking this, you can reach the Tsukuba science and research park in two hours, perfect for hanging out with your family and friends.

But you probably would not need to go to other parts of Tokyo anyway, as there are endless options for shopping and dining within Kitasenju. The Lumine department store and Marui department store are also present in Kitasenju, home to famous brands such as UNIQLO.

If you are not the type looking for a quiet area but instead prefer a convenient and energetic one, then Kitasenju is for you! Just go around, everything is within any reach anyway.

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