Living in Machida: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Let us start by introducing some statistics of Machida. When it comes to population (almost 430,000), Machida ranks second in all 26 cities of Tokyo. In terms of size (72 km²), it ranks third. "Huge enough" you might say, but these numbers do not encompass all the wonderful and immeasurable things that can go far beyond your expectations and which you can enjoy upon living in this lovely city in the Western side of Tokyo.Discover the reasons why immigrants are delighted by the alluring atmosphere and by the opportunities they find here by reading the rest of this article.

Machida - The pallet town on Earth

Did you know that Machida is the inspiration of Satoshi Tajiri in making the Pallet town in the worldwide renowned anime series “Pokemon”?

While we all know that Pallet town does not really exist and that Machida is just Tajiri's inspiration, because of Machida's beautiful attractions, we can say that the magic of Machida is not just a product of imagination.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Chuo Line to Machida Station (approx. 1hr)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Keio-Inokashira Line to Machida Station(approx. 47 minutes)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Odakyu Line to Machida Station (approx. 46 minutes)

Famous Locations

Machida Squirrel Garden

If you are fond of animals, there is a place for you in Machida. It is the Machida Squirrel Garden where you can spot hundreds of squirrels with various sizes, along with some enormous tortoises which live in wonderful and colorfully decorated shelters.

Meanwhile, apart from the squirrels and tortoises, you can also witness in front of the squirrel zone the guinea pig village where there are at least a hundred of adorable guinea pigs. There are even fenced-in pens with chipmunks, rabbits, small tortoises, and prairie dogs.

All squirrels in Machida Squirrel Garden have names marked near their houses, and they are always ready to jump into your arms.


  • Address: 733-1 Kanaimachi, Machida-shi, Tōkyō
  • Directions: From Tamagawagakuen-Mae Station, take the Odakyu Line to Tsurukawa Station, take 20-minute walk until you reach Machida Squirrel Garden

Yakushi-Ike Park

A few minutes from Central Machida is a park which many consider a tranquil escape from the bustle and hustle of Tokyo. Frequented by many visitors, Yakushi-Ike is not just a peaceful and family-friendly retreat, but it also features spots such as ponds, old thatched houses, and the waterwheel which are all stunning and picture-perfect.

Get amazed when you visit the Statue of Democratic Rights, and wander through the stunning cherry blossoms or explore the museum of photography where you can find the nature photography of the renowned Japanese photographer Akiyama Shotaro.

During sunny days, you can watch the turtles and koi fish swimming in the pond while the flowers start to bloom. During rainy weather, you can experience a quieter environment with plenty of colorful flowers.

Either way, Yakushi-Ike Park will surely be a striking and worth-visiting getaway.


  • Address: 3270 Nozutamachi, Machida, Tokyo
  • Directions: From Machida Station, take an 8-minute walk and ride a bus. From Yakushigaoka bus stop, take a 1-minute walk until you reach Yakushi-Ike Park.

Grandberry Mall

As one of the best malls in Tokyo, Grandberry Mall is always visited by many people as it has more than 60 outlet stores inside.

Grandberry's area is very spacious, which makes it perfect for people to come here along with families and pets for a nice stroll. In this mall, people can watch films, both domestic and foreign, at its movie theater.

Some of the retail stores that you can find in Blueberry Mall are Gap, Montbell, and FrancFranc while the outlet shops like Coach, Adidas, Nike, and Brooks Brothers are also here for the people in the district of Machida.


  • Address: 3 Chome Tsuruma, Machida-shi, Tōkyō
  • Directions: 3-minute walk from Minami-Machida Station

Why foreigners live in Machida

Accessible quality education

Many people who want to keep away from the high cost of housing in downtown Tokyo without compromising good education may find Machida an ideal option.

Machida is home to several elementary, middle school, and high schools (both public and private) as well as different colleges and universities. Hosei University, a long-established private institution that is based in Tokyo also has a Machida campus.

Moreover, because it is near Yokohama, Machida is also a few minutes away from Suzukakedai, a campus of Technological University of Tokyo, one of the most prestigious universities in entire Japan.

Family and foreigner-friendly environment

Apart from the beautiful nature of Machida that anyone will surely appreciate, many foreigners and families in Tokyo also admire its serene community, especially at 8 PM when people are resting cozily at the comfort of their homes.

With this being said, residents also find this district of Tokyo as a perfect location for hardworking individuals who wants to relax after a whole day of work.

in addition to the apartments which are very welcoming to outsiders, many people choose to raise their family here compared to other places in Tokyo.

Low cost of living

The Machida's ravishing environment belies the inexpensive cost of living of its residents as they can buy their needs here at a very reasonable and affordable price. Hence, they can save some money on some investment in the future.

Moreover, there are also chains such as Mega Don Quijote with cheap grocery stores. Grandberry mall is also frequented by people who want to buy shoes, and clothes at low prices. There are also cheap food and drink places, some of which are Bowl and Nijyu-Maru.


Without a doubt, living in Machida is a decision that foreigners do not regret. In fact, it is a place most of them recommend because of the coziness and connectivity that it offers.

Also, because of the presence and convenience of different educational institutions and comfortable rentals and homes, Machida can be your preference whether you are a student who wants to harness your expertise or a parent who plans to raise your kids in a peaceful and quiet environment.

These things are just some of the perks of residing in this city on the outskirt of Tokyo. More exciting things await you as you come and visit this location.

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