Living in Ome, Tokyo: Guide for Foreigners

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As soon as you exit the central train station, you will find yourself in Ome Juku, or the city center. This area is dotted with old wooden houses from the early 20th century. Also interesting to see are the 100 retro posters of Japanese and Western movies mounted on these houses, and movie-buffs can get a map that indicates the locations of every poster. 

If you want to learn more about the history of the area, check out the Showa Retro Product Museum, which exhibits old school film and manga memorabilia, as well as candies and everyday products. You can also check out original illustrations from famous anime series in Akatsuka Fujio Kaikan or see what life was like in the mid 20th century in the Showa Gento-kan Museum.

Shiofune Kannon temple Azalea Festival in Ome, Tokyo

"Shiofune Kannon temple Azalea Festival 2017" by Hideya HAMANO is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

But besides preserving historical heritage, Ome is also significant for its nature. The list of natural attractions is vast, and you can explore them all through hiking trails. Great options are the Ome Kyuryo Hill Hiking Course, which leads you to Mt. Raiden, and Mount Mitake Hiking Trail, though you can also get to the top of this 929-meter mountain with a cable car. As you explore the area, you will also unveil many picturesque shrines, as well as a fishing center where you can test your fishing skills and enjoy a barbecue with the locals.

The Comfort And Price Of Living In Ome

Akatsuka Fujio Kaikan and Akasuka Fujio Kaikan Museums in Ome, Tokyo

"Akatsuka Fujio Kaikan and Akasuka Fujio Kaikan Museums " by Stephen Kelly is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Fusing old architecture with modern structures, natural attractions with heritage sights, and nostalgia towards the past with a new, vibrant lifestyle - Ome is a mix of everything you could expect from living in Japan. 

There are tons of local restaurants and shops in the center of Ome, and there are nine train stations that will take you anywhere you need to go in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

The apartments in Ome are quite affordable. You can find a small single-bedroom apartment for ¥40,000 ($365), and a two-bedroom apartment for ¥80,000 ($730). There are high-end options available as well, and you can also rent a house if coming with your family. 

Wrapping Up

Vintage Film Posters in Ōme Train Station Tunnel"Vintage Film Posters in Ōme Train Station Tunnel" by Stephen Kelly is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Significant parts of Ome are covered with vast, untouched nature, and the wooden houses and other remains of history are well-preserved. This makes it an attractive option for foreigners who love spending time outdoors and want to live in a traditional Japanese setting, just as they saw it in movies - possibly one of the classics depicted on posters mounted throughout the streets. 

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