Living In Iidabashi, Tokyo: Guide for Foreigners

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Iidabashi is a small neighborhood that’s best known for the station of the same name. Iidabashi Station serves as a major traffic hub, as it’s located at the intersection of several major metro and train lines. It connects Tokyo’s Chiyoda, Bunkyo and Shinjuku wards, which makes it ideal for foreigners who want to be able to reach all parts of the city quickly.  

trees in Iidabashi

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Public Transport

Iidabashi station sits on the Northern tip of the neighborhood and is easy to reach from all parts of the city. The Chūō-Sōbu Line trains and the Tōzai Line metro allow you to reach the Eastern parts of the city and can take you directly to Chiba. Other metro lines that intersect here are the Toei Ōedo Line, Namboku Line and Yūrakuchō Line, which connect the neighborhood with all parts of Tokyo’s downtown but also some more distant areas like Saitama in the north.  

Iidabashi Station

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Rent Prices And Facilities in Iidabashi

Iidabashi, Tokyo

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Besides being exceptionally well-connected, Iidabashi is also attractive to foreigners because many European embassies are located nearby, including the British and Belgian embassies. 

The area sits close to the beautiful green public areas of Chiyoda ward, which allows residents to have nature at their fingertips while living in the center of Tokyo. There are also plenty of both laid back and high-end restaurants in the area. 

Idibashi is especially attractive to those looking for high-end housing, as you can find many luxury homes in low-rise condo buildings and stand-alone houses. Skyscrapers are also being built in the area, which will allow for anyone to find a place for themselves, regardless of their expectations and budget. Rent prices will largely depend on which option you go for, but are generally higher than the Tokyo standard and range from ¥200,000 JPY ($1,820 USD) all the way to ¥1,200,000 JPY ($10,925 USD) for the most luxurious residences and houses. 


If you want to live in the heart of Tokyo, Iidabashi is definitely worth considering. This small area has a distinct, elegant appeal, and the main station allows you to travel to all of Tokyo’s wards easily. Iidabashi apartments are mainly geared toward the wealthy, due to great transportation options, a variety of facilities, and proximity to the largest public green areas in the city. 

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