Living in Higashi-Yamato, Tokyo: Guide for Foreigners

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Higashiyamato is a small town that sits northwest from Tokyo. It occupies only 13 square kilometers but is a popular residential area for commuters and anyone else who wants to reap the benefits of being close to central Tokyo, yet having a home far from the big city crowds.

Things To See And Do in Higashi Yamato

Hitachi Aircraft Tachikawa Plant Substation in Higashiyamato, Tokyo"Hitachi Aircraft Tachikawa Plant Substation" by Hideki Yoshida is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Higashi Yamoto isn’t very popular among tourists, as most of them have been told that “there is nothing to see there.” But though it is true that this city isn’t packed with tourist attractions like most other areas, it does offer many things worthy of attention. 

The city is especially exciting for those who enjoy discovering hidden gems, and uncharted nature escapes. One such spot is the former Hitachi Aircraft Tachikawa Plant Substation. Today deserted, this old power station is a remnant of the WWII era in Japan. As you explore it, you will discover many old relics and monuments, while there are also information panels where you can learn about the background of the building. 

The area surrounding Tama lake is a beautiful spot for hiking, and bikers can explore the Tama Lake Cycling Road. As you walk through the paths, you will uncover many religious landmarks, including the Toyokashima Shrine. Built in 1466, it is one of the oldest wooden shrines in the Tokyo area. 

The Cost And Comfort Of Living in Higashi Yamato 

Narabashi in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo

"Narabashi in Higashiyamato" by Urawa Zero is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Higashi Yamato is small, yet offers everything you need for a comfortable life. The streets are quiet, and it remains untouched by the air pollution of the capital.

The city has its central hospital, police station, and several train stations where you can board a speed train to Tokyo downtown. Eateries are also plentiful and mainly serve traditional Japanese dishes - though there are a few Italian restaurants as well. There isn’t a huge shopping mall, but there are many small businesses in the city center, where you can get everything from clothes and groceries to books and pet supplies. 

A big benefit of choosing this city as a foreigner is the low rent prices. The price for a cozy single-bedroom apartment is around ¥66,000 ($602) per month, while the price for a two-bedroom apartment starts at ¥80,000 ($730).

Wrapping Up 

If you want to be close to central Tokyo, but enjoy small-town living, you will love Higashi Yamato. It’s not a popular tourist area, so it preserved a true Japanese lifestyle, and there is enough nature, culture, and facilities for a great life, whether you’re arriving solo or with your family. 

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