Useful Japanese Real Estate Terminology

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More multi-lingual websites are available now for foreigners looking to buy or rent a property in Japan. Although you might be able to get some language support from those multi-bilingual websites or companies,the information in non-Japanese is very limited. 


For those who wish to read and understand basic property information in Japanese, here is a list of real estate terminology in Japanese that might be able to help you get more information about properties in Japan!


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一戸建て        House

マンション    Apartment/Condominium

売る             Sell

買う                Buy

借りる/賃貸 Rent


物件名          Property Name

建物名       Building Name

部屋番号      Unit Number

面積            Size

土地面積      Land Area

表面利回り Gross Yield

価格             Price

間取り      Layout

専有面積  Exclusive Area

所在階/建物階 Floor

所在地/住所    Address

交通         Transportation

最寄り駅    Nearest Station

徒歩~分  Minutes walking distance


取引形態   Transaction Type

築年月       Year Built

総戸数    Total Units

新築        Newly Built

中古         Second Hand Property

空家/空き家 Vacant

居住中     Occupied

管理費     Maintenance Fee

修繕積立金   Saving Repair Funds

所有権        Freehold

借地権     Leasehold

建物構造    Structure

鉄筋コンクリート Reinforced Concrete

鉄骨鉄筋コンクリート Steel Reinforced Concrete

木造         Wooden Structure

リフォーム Renovation


設備                   Facilities

オートロック   Self-locking door

エレベーター   Elevator

ブロードバンド  Broadband Networks

ベランダ           Veranda

バルコニー    Balcony

ジム                   Gym

洗濯機            Washing Machine

乾燥機            Drying Machine

浴室乾燥機   Bathroom Dryer

TV モニターフォン Video Intercom System

駐車場           Parking Lot


Additionally, Japanese apartments have a legend to illustrate their layouts: 


“1K” is one of the examples of layout abbreviation.

The number indicates the number of rooms.

L = Living Room

D = Dining Room

K = Kitchen

S = Storage Room or Service Room, which usually indicates a small area that serves as a walk-in closet.

R = Room


Please feel free to contact us for more multi-lingual support throughout your search!