Unique Features of Luxury Apartments in Japan

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High net worth individuals and celebrities in Japan tend to shun publicity and attention. Like most celebrities, they don't appreciate uninvited guests hanging around the entrance of their home trying to catch a glimpse of them. The media also generally respects their wishes and do not reveal details about their homes and offices, which are usually located away from city centers. In fact, many of these elite residences are located near official areas such as embassies and religious buildings.

paparazziThe intrusive culture of paparazzi is virtually non-existent in Japan, but that still hasn’t stopped Japanese celebrities from being fiercely protective of their privacy.

In recent times, there is a growing trend of celebrities living inside gated luxury condominiums. Sometimes, their office is also located inside the same building. The ownership of their units or rental agreements are frequently registered under holding companies or corporations. 

The lengths that they go to protect their privacy even extends to the setup and layout of their apartment complex, often with the cooperation of property owners and condominium management. 

Some of the unique features of the condos of the elite include:

• Round-the-clock presence of security personnel at the entrance, CCTV monitoring, auto-lock doors, and restricted elevators.

• The presence of commercial outlets and supermarkets inside the complex. Many also have private gyms with dedicated personal trainers, swimming pools, saunas, and sports courts.

wall of camerasYou can never have too many security cameras. Right?

• Building entrances are situated on narrow side or rear streets to mask their entries and exits.

• Access to their individual units or restricted elevators directly from the underground car park

• 24/7 concierge service to help with daily chores like grocery shopping, paying utility bills, etc., as well as to accept mail and parcel deliveries

• Restricted/reserved parking spaces on the streets around the building 

• A limited number of units and occupants

This level of exclusivity naturally costs a lot of money. A few years ago, a former celebrity resident of such a condo confided to Shūkan Gendai magazine that rentals are collected on an annual basis, and that they can  exceed ¥20 million a year.

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