Living in Shinjuku: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Shinjuku, located in the west part of Tokyo, is one of the most popular areas not only for tourists to visit but also a well-known area for locals to hang out. With all kinds of department stores, restaurants, movie theaters, pubs, and commercial buildings, Shinjuku is considered an entertainment hub for everyone.

Additionally, transportation to and from Shinjuku is extremely convenient. It is easy to access other parts of the city. It is no wonder Shinjuku Station is considered the busiest train station in Japan. Therefore, benefiting from the conveniences of both living and transporting, Shinjuku in an attractive area for people to live in.

Shinjuku - The entertainment hub

Shinjuku is no doubt the entertainment center of Tokyo due to the numerous shops and restaurants, and its convenient transportation system. It is easy to access most of the areas in Tokyo from here. Many entertainment industries are located here such as Karaoke, Pachinko (small casinos). Even though there are many facilities here, everything is well organized.

Thus, you can enjoy the convenience while living in a safe and energetic city. Shinjuku is the place where people want to use their properties for both residential and investment purposes.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the JR Chuo line (15 minutes)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the JR Yamanote line (7 minutes)
  • From Haneda airport, it is around 55 minutes via the public transportation.

Famous Locations

1.Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the largest parks in the city and is arguably one of its coziest as well. There are many beautiful locales within this massive area, and it is a famous for Cherry Blossom viewing in the spring as well as the maple leaves in fall.

Many residential buildings are around the park. There are also several supermarkets and grocery stores around this area. Therefore, it is an ideal area for people who like nature or someone who owns pets.


  • Address: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 13 minutes from Shinjuku station on foot

2. Kabukicho

Kabukicho is a famous red light district nearby Shinjuku station, with some sexually oriented industries as well as nightclubs, izakayas, restaurants, theaters, business hotels, and "love hotels". Although this area may seem a bit seedy, it is generally safe. You can have fun until the late night without feeling worried here.

3. Shinjuku district two

Shinjuku district two (Shinjuku-Nichome) is the area where all kinds of pubs and bars are located, particularly gay bars. You may find it similar to the Kabukicho area, however, Shinjuku district three has many department stores such as Isetan, Isetan Men, Marui, Marui Annex, and Marui Men. 

Moreover, there are cafes, restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores, and drug stores around this area.

4. Shin-Okubo

Only one stop away from Shinjuku station via JR Yamanote line, Shin Okubo is famous for it’s a small China town (on the left) and Korea town on the right. Many Korean restaurants are gathered around this area so you are able to find a lot of local Korean cuisines. 

What is more, you can also find all kinds of Korean groceries and K-pop merchandise here.

5. Nishi Shinjuku- commercial area

The west area of Shinjuku is mostly skyscrapers consisting of commercial and government buildings. The Government building’s top level is open to the public where you can see spectacular views of Shinjuku. 

6. Takadanobaba

Takadanababa is the area where many cheap restaurants and clothing stores are located, as many students are living in this area. The famous private university, “Waseda University” is located here so there are good deals for students that other people can benefit from as well.

Why foreigners live in Shinjuku

1. International service

Since Shinjuku is a popular spot for tourists, there are many facilities and services are provided in multiple languages, mainly in English, Mandarin, and Korean. For example, the tourist center has provided the information for traveling in these three languages so that foreigners can travel with ease.

Moreover, there are many international ATMs where you can withdraw money with your foreign bankcards.

Due to the large amount of tourists, many menus are in English or other foreign languages and there are staff that can speak different languages as well. Therefore, you won't encounter many language barriers.

2. Abundant entertainment and shopping options

There are many theaters, karaoke rooms, department stores in Shinjuku, guaranteeing that you will never get bored of when living in this area. As for shopping, options range from affordable to luxury shops, it is ensured that you will have an amazing shopping experience here.

The entire Shinjuku is surrounded by several department stores. The West Side and South Side have the Odakyu department store, Keio department store, and Lumine two, while the East Side has Lumine East, Isetan, and Marui department store.

3. Convenient residential area

The convenience of transportation makes Shinjuku a highly attractive area. The station is part of main lines such as the JR Chuo Line, JR Yamanote Line, and others.  

4. Education facilities

Apart from the famous Waseda University and other local schools, there are many Japanese language schools where foreigners can learn Japanese. For instance, as Shin-Okubo is a Korean town, there are schools for the Korean community.


Shinjuku is guaranteed a popular place to both live and invest on. Living in the most energetic and convenient area in Tokyo, you will be able to enjoy shopping, have nice meals, travel, and other exciting activities.

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