Living in Tachikawa: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Tachikawa, located in West Tokyo is a very busy place, almost like Shinjuku but full of bars, restaurants, and shops. This is also an area for research, such as disaster prevention. So this is a very important area of the capital. With a lot of transports accommodations around and buildings, Tachikawa can seem like a futurist place.

Even though it is not so known, Tachikawa is a place where there is always something to see. Aside from multiple shopping malls, such as Lumine, Ecute, Loft, and Takashimaya, the city is the location for popular animes like “A Certain Scientific Railgun” and dramas such as “Gokusen 3” and “Aibo season 8”.

With its scene of post-war reconstruction of the 1950s's, Tachikawa looks like a half-Japanese, half-American place. For instance, you can also find a Ramen Square but also a Polar Science Museum. Tachikawa is truly a place full of surprises.

Tachikawa - The cozy neighborhood home to various Japanese movies and dramas

Living in Tachikawa means going back to a nostalgic retro period often seen in popular movies. This “shitamachi” feeling, which is increasingly becoming rare as more cities are being redeveloped, is loved by Japanese and foreigners alike.

Tachikawa Station is connected to three railroad lines, one of which is the Chuo Line that goes directly to Tokyo, Shinjuku, and other central areas. Despite its easy access, the city is not as crowded as Harajuku or Shinjuku, so you can easily go around in the weekend or during your day off.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the JR Chuo Rapid Line to Tachikawa Station (40 min.)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Rapid Line to Tachikawa Station (25 min.)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Station, and transfer to the JR Chuo Special Rapid Line to Tachikawa Station (35 min.), or take the Inogashira Line to Kichijoji Station, and transfer to the JR Chuo-Ome Line to Tachikawa Station (45 min.)

Famous Locations

Showa Memorial Park

Showa Memorial Park is a 160 hectares park 30 minutes from central Tokyo. It composes of abundant natural space and seasonal flowers, but also convenient sports and museums facilities.

The park was opened in 1983 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Showa Emperor’s reign. It is not as crowded as the others closer to central Tokyo, so it is very convenient for enjoying hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in the spring season.

Polar Science Museum

In the Polar Science Museum, you will be able to participate in unique experiences, such as solving the mystery of the aurora, taking pictures of penguins, and touching the ice from the Antarctic Pole, and a lot more.

Why foreigners live in Tachikawa

If you ever want to live in Tachikawa, it would be rather because you fell in love with its retro style or its one thousand and one activities. A great memorial, a museum, and a lot more activities and visits are waiting for you.

The convenient transportation system attracts foreigners as well as Japanese residents. You will be able to come back home from the busy streets of Tokyo to the peaceful neighborhood, and it’s only a few stations away.

While residential areas in central Tokyo may be convenient, nothing compares to the warmth, tranquility, and sense of community only available in cozy neighborhoods like Tachikawa.

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