Living in Chofu: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Chofu is a laid-back city in Tokyo that possesses some remarkably stunning destinations. There are places to visit in this western suburb of the city, whose major draws include the Jindaiji Temple and Jindai Botanical gardens.

If you are looking for a spot in Tokyo to unwind without distraction or the appeal of the mega-metropolitan Tokyo, Chofu has you covered with its uniqueness and calm atmosphere that is not polluted by excessive noise.

Read further to learn more about Chofu.

Chofu: An Unremarkably Beautiful Destination

Chofu does not resemble the bustling lifestyle of a major city, except during the weekends when the station is filled with people, making their ways to Shinjuku and other parts of Tokyo.

There are many reasons why foreigners come to Chofu. The Chofu City Fireworks Festival held every July drags as many as 300,000 visitors to witness the event along the banks of the Tamagawa River. Furthermore, there is a cultural center that encourages the integration of visitors into the community. This community offers visitors free Karate, Ikebana, Shodo, Japanese Conversation, and other lessons.


  • From Tokyo Station, take JR Chuo Rapid Service to Shinjuku to Chofu (36 minutes)
  • From Shibuya Station, take Keio Inokashira Exp to Meidaimae to Chofu (21 minutes)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take Keio Special Exp to Shinjuku Jr to Chofu (22 minutes)

Famous Locations

Tenjin-dori (Tenjin Street)

The Tenjin Street has an assortment of down-to-earth local eateries and shops that brings life to Chofu.

One of the things that will catch your attention is the street side figurines that are placed at intervals. These figurines created by Shigeru Mura includes the classic GeGeGe no Kitaro manga series.

There is a small Fushimi Inari Tenjin shrine that gave the street its name. It is most photogenic and memorable spot on this street.


  • Address: 1-3 Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo
  • Directions: 2-minutes on foot from the North Exit of Chofu Station

Jindai Shokubutsu Koen (Jindai Botanical Garden)

The undisputed place of interest in Chofu is the Jindai Botanical Garden, with over 105 acres of lands covered with stunning flowers. The garden provides shrubs, flowers and blooming trees all year round.

The Rose Garden is the highlight of the Jindai Botanical Gardens with 280 varieties of azalea. The Rose Garden has been created to give foreigners that angelic atmosphere that is not spoiled by civilization. You get inside the garden and loosen yourself to Mother Nature.


  • Address: 5-31-10 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu, Tokyo
  • Directions: From Chofu Station, take the Odakyu Bus to Kichijoji Station or Mitaka Station, and get off at Jindai Shokubutsu Koen-mae (20 min.)

Why Foreigners Live in Chofu

The Ancient Blend

Chofu had a number of high minded men and women who lived here before the end of the Edo period and supported the Meiji Restoration. Foreigners enjoy the stroll that helps them feel as if they have gone back in time.

Places like the Chofu Tourist Hall, souvenir stores and restaurants are going to offer you things you will love. There are rental bicycles that will take you through the different parts of the city.

Easy Transportation

It is difficult to reside in a part of Tokyo that has little to offer in terms of its transportation. Chofu has a great transport system for both land and air. There is a small airport called the Chofu Airport, which is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Ports and Harbor.

The town has train station and numerous cabs and buses that will make your movement fun and easier. The access directions to other parts of Tokyo is well organized that you are not going to waste time during your transit.

Sports Town

Chofu has a 49,970-seat stadium called Ajinomoto Stadium, the home field of two football clubs: Tokyo Verdy and F.C.Tokyo. The stadium has green initiatives like wind power, greened stadium walls and solar panels.

When games are not going on in Ajinomoto Stadium, it transforms into a flea market and hosts concerts. The stadium has sports facilities and numerous parks.


Chofu is a quiet part of Tokyo that has great residential areas and little of serious commercial activities. It is a place to spend your vacation if you are looking for places to explore and areas to be discovered.

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