Living in Takadanobaba: What is it Like for Foreigners?

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Takadanobaba is known to be the hang-out place of university students and office workers after a day of classes or work. The dining options are endless and the nightlife is one of Tokyo’s brightest.

What most people do not know, however, is that it is also a good place to live in. If you walk a few minutes from the area nearby Takadanobaba Station, there are apartments that accommodate all types of people.

Takadanobaba - Experience the nightlife of Japanese university students

Located in Tokyo’s most international district of Shinjuku, Takadanobaba is the go-to destination for a night out for university students as it is walking distance from the prestigious Waseda University.

Just like the area of Shinjuku Station, upon exiting Takadanobaba Station you will encounter massive neon advertisements and flocks of people. They all head to the various restaurants offered in the area, ranging from traditional izakayas to authentic international restaurants you won’t find anywhere else.

Takadanobaba also offers apartments for people with various budgets. You will be able to find a room of your preference with ease, and get to know the diverse community that makes Takadanobaba the vibrant place it is today.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Yamanote Line to Takadanobaba Station (approx. 29 minutes), or take the Marunouchi Line to Otemachi Station, and transfer to the Tozai Line to Takadanobaba Station (approx. 21 minutes)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Yamanote Line to Takadanobaba Station (approx. 13 minutes)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Yamanote Line to Takadanobaba Station (approx. 4 minutes)

Famous Locations

Waseda Shochiku

Boasting over 50 years of business, Waseda Shochiku is famous among students and locals for screening old films for a reasonable price. You are able to watch two films (selected by the establishment, and changes every week) back-to-back for the price of one.

They also host late-night screenings that last until early morning, recommended for the nocturnal person. Immerse yourself in the different worlds of films shown in this cinema.


  • Address: 1-5-16 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 5-minutes on foot from Takadanobaba Station

Waseda University

Waseda University, established in 1882 by former Prime Minister Shigenobu Okuma, is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. With thirteen undergraduate programs and over twenty graduate programs, students can study various areas in an inspiring environment.

You don’t have to be a student to enjoy walking around the campus and view its beautiful architecture and the Okuma Garden. You can also hear the talks and lectures of public figures held in the Okuma Theater.

Head over to Waseda University for an educational experience.


  • Address: 1-6-104 Totsukamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 5-minutes on foot from Waseda Station

Toyama Park

Located nearby Waseda University is Toyama Park, a large vibrant green space loved by locals and students alike.

You can see children playing a game of soccer or nearby residents walking their dogs. In the spring, friends and families gather here to eat and drink under cherry blossom trees.

Walk deeper into the park and you will Hakoneyama, a small mountain with a walking path for the convenience of visitors. The scenery of red, orange, and brown leaves during autumn is breathtaking.


  • Address: 3-2 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 15-minutes on foot from Waseda Station

Why foreigners live in Takadanobaba


Takadanobaba Station is connected to three convenient railroad lines, namely the Yamanote Line, the Tozai Line, and the Seibu-Shinjuku Line.

Through the Yamanote Line, you can directly go to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and other central areas of Tokyo. Through the Tozai Line, you can go to the even more parts of Tokyo and Chiba. Lastly, through the Seibu-Shinjuku Line, you can reach the residential areas of Tokyo and Saitama.

The convenience of Takadanobaba is highly attractive especially to busy office workers and students.

International culture

Takadanobaba boasts numerous international restaurants that show the district’s diversity. You can find Japanese, Korean, Thailand, Indian, British, Russian, and more restaurants.

Dining options are endless and you will certainly be able to find one you’ll keep on coming back to.

Active nightlife

The number of restaurants and activities available in this district make it a popular night scene. You can talk until late in the night with friends at bars, watch all-nighter movie screenings, and karaoke until your throat gets sore.

There is always entertainment awaiting you in Takadanobaba.


Takadanobaba will never bore you with its international community, abundant restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

If you want to live in a youthful and lively part of the metropolis, definitely consider Takadanobaba.

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