Living in Fuchu: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Are you in need of a break from the buzz and hustle of a busy city life? Looking for an adventure or a place to chill that can both rejuvenate your spirit and feed your mind? Then Fuchu might just be the perfect place for you!

From the thrill of horse racing to the relaxing vibe of museums that feature the political and cultural history of the place, Fuchu offers a unique experience that will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

Read this article and discover why Fuchu attracts people of all genders, races, and ages, making them want to visit this place or stay for good.

Fuchu - A city without the city life

Located on the west side of Tokyo, Fuchu is what one would call a suburban city. Fuchu was once the center of politics, economy, and culture. Visiting this place evokes the nostalgia of ancient Tokyo.

Nature and culture lovers would consider this place heaven because its parks are filled with trees and flowers, and historical museums are feasts to the eyes.

Although not a convenient place for a nightlife that involves bar hopping and clubbing, Fuchu has a lot of interesting experiences and places to offer that compensate for it.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Chuo Line to Shinjuku Station (approx. 20 mins), transfer to Keio Line that will take you to Fuchu Station (approx. 21 mins).
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Keio-Inokashira Line going to Meida-Mei Station (approx. 6 mins), transfer to Keio Line that will take you to Fuchu Station (approx. 17mins)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Keio Line that will take you to Fuchu Station (approx. 21 mins)

Famous Locations

Tokyo Keibajo (Tokyo Racecourse)

Considered as the “racecourse of all racecourses,” adding Tokyo Racecourse to your must-see-places list will surely provide you a thrilling experience. Built by Japan Racing Association (JRA) in 1933, this venue hosts G1 races in Japan such as the most anticipated Japan Cup.

Don’t have any clue about horseracing? Fear not, because there are multilingual how-to-bet seminars in the venue.

Spending a weekend here can also be a perfect family getaway for there are kid-friendly places here such as play area and riding center where kids can stroke retired horses.

The venue also features female-only cafes called Umajo where ladies can relax and learn the basics of horserace betting in a kawaii environment.


  • Address: 1-1 Hiyoshicho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
  • Directions: From Fuchu Station, travel on foot until you reach JRA Tokyo Racecourse (approx.10mins)

Kyodonomori Park

Located near Tamagawa River, Kyodo No Mori is a breathtaking place for people looking for a quiet and serene place.

The area features an open park, museum, planetarium and historic house exhibit all rolled into one! It has a spacious garden where people can chill and soak in the view of plum and cherry trees.

More than just a place pleasing to the eyes, a trip here is also very educational. The open-air museum takes you back to Japan’s ancient periods by featuring traditional houses and buildings. Children can also learn how to weave baskets and wear traditional shoes.


  • Address: 5-5-5 Yazakicho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
  • Directions: From Fuchu Station, take the Keio Line to Bubalgawara Station (approx. 1min), travel on foot until you reach Kyodonomori museum (approx. 19mins).

Okunitama Shrine

Established during the reign of Emperor Keiko around 111 A.D., Okunitama Shrine is one of the five major shrines in Tokyo. It is protected by outer and inner gates and is surrounded by seven subsidiary shrines.

The shrine offers a sanctuary for people who need to relax and get in touch with their spiritual side.

It also hosts an annual festival called Kurayami (Darkness) Festival where portable shrines are carried in the darkness. It is also during this time of the year that gardeners gather together and set up booths from April 30 to May 6.


  • Address: 3-3-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu-Shi, Tokyo
  • Directions: From Fuchu Station, travel on foot until you reach Okunitama Shrine (approx. 8mins).

Why foreigners live in Fuchu

Foreigner-friendly environment

Moving to a new place is hard, but Fuchu makes it a lot easier because of its foreigner-friendly environment.

For instance, Fuchu-shi International Salon conducts activities that allow new foreign residents to mingle with locals. Local volunteers teach foreigners the Japanese language to help them adapt to the new place.

They also have a tea and chat group every Friday where foreigners and locals can talk about various subjects like shopping and everyday customs.

Foreigners can also graduate like locals from schools such as Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchu Suishi High School that is specifically designed for them.

There is also Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for people who wish to major in foreign language. This school is quite popular for foreign exchange students; they offer on-site accommodation for students and their families.

Foreigner-friendly apartments for rent and for sale are also available at affordable and reasonable prices.

Calm and safe residential area

Fuchu is a suburban neighborhood that is away from the never-ending noise and never-dying lights of a busy city life, perfect for people who value quiet time. You can find parks with trees and flowers where you can chill and hang out with family and friends.

Shopping malls such as Isetan and Kururu Mall as well as cheap shops can also be found everywhere, providing you with your everyday needs.

It is also interesting to mention that Japan Air Base and Japan’s largest prison are located here, so it is kind of scary to get naughty.

Interesting places and diverse activities

There a lot of places to visit and activities to do that you will never run out of reasons to enjoy living in Fuchu. If excitement is what you need, Tokyo Racecourse is just around the corner.

A lazy weekend can also be spent walking around parks, praying in shrines, visiting historical museums or just enjoying nature.


Fuchu is an interesting place that offers diverse locations that suit one’s need for either an exciting time or a quiet time. Foreigners find it easier to adapt here because of the accommodating locals.

Fuchu provides an environment that ensures foreign residents will have a convenient lifestyle, whether alone or with family, that will make adjusting to a new place an easy task.

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