Top 6 Train Stations To Live Near In Tokyo

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Many cities in Japan are centered around walkability and public transportation options. In Japan, trains are one of the most popular ways to travel, to the point that most locals prefer to live within a short walk to the nearest train station, preferably 10 minutes or less. All across Japan, from rural towns to major cities, trains are the all-important link between where people work, live, and play; you could say that train lines are the veins that give life to Japanese cities. Tokyo is no exception, and as the capital and one of the largest cities in the world, trains take on an extra significance and scale—some Tokyo train stations are truly massive, even feeling like small cities themselves. Whether big or small, each station has its own unique feel and reason why commuters have chosen to live in the area. Here are our top 6 train stations to live near in Tokyo.

1. Nishi-Nippori Station 

Station sign at Nishi Nippori Station"The station sign at Nishi-Nippori Station on the Keihin-Tōhoku Line in Tokyo" by LERK is licensed under CC 4.0

Although a bit out of the way, Nishi Nippori station is worth a visit for those seeking to escape the modern skyscrapers and neon lights of downtown Tokyo. Living in this quiet little area is a joy for residents, as you can experience a more traditional Japan in its beautiful gardens and teahouses. You can also easily get to the downtown area with a short 20 min train ride on the Yamanote line.

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2. Ikebukuro Station 

Exit for Ikebukuro Station"Ikebukuro Station" by Dick Thomas Johnson is licensed under CC 2.0

Located just one stop away from Shinjuku Station, locals have a fondness for this area. There is a famous saying about the station: ”You can easily get lost, but this is a place you will be happy to get lost in." The nearby Seibu department store is a retail anchor that draws in many daily shoppers. Also nearby are a McDonald’s, BIC Camera Ikebukuro, a Muji retail shop, and many more major stores. The station has direct access to the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and is a short walk to Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo. Considered one of Tokyo's largest and busiest hubs, Ikebukuro is an entertainment and commercial destination that is sure to capture your heart and attention.

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3. Ueno Station

Entrance to Ueno Station"Ueno Station at night" by George Rex is licensed under CC 2.0

 Ueno Station has a nice mix of tourists and locals, making it a good location to live in. Ueno is known as one of the best areas to find delicious yet affordable eats in Tokyo. If you’re looking for fun daytime activities, you’ll find plenty to do at the nearby Ueno Zoo and the Tokyo National Arts Museum (Ueno is also known as one of Japan’s top areas for lovers of the fine arts). Ueno isn’t as busy as the usual tourist spots of Tokyo, which makes it perfect for residents.

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4. Tokyo Station

Photo by baroparo on Pixabay

 Tokyo station is the capital's central station and often the first stop for international travelers. It is also the largest and busiest train station in Japan, with over 3,000 trains departing the station and over 400,000 passengers every day. The exterior was recently refurbished and has a European architectural style. Yaesu Chikagai, an underground shopping mall underneath the station, currently has over 160 restaurants and shops, making this station ideal for a quick stop to grab food or do some shopping on your way home from work. You can also catch the Shinkansen to easily reach other parts of Japan, making the Tokyo Station area one of the best places to live, especially for frequent travelers.

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5. Shinjuku Station 

"Shinjuku station south exit" by Nesned is licensed under CC 3.0

Shinjuku Station is one of the largest stations in Tokyo, and it has one of the highest passenger volumes in all of Japan. Convenient access to transportation makes Shinjuku a highly attractive area. The station connects to a number of popular lines such as the JR Chuo Line, the JR Yamanote Line, and others. In addition to the famous Waseda University and other local schools, there are many Japanese language schools where foreigners can learn Japanese. You can also access the Kinokuniya book outlet, which has the most extensive collection of English language books in Japan.

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6. Yoyogi Station 

"The station sign at Yoyogi Station on the Yamanote Line" by LERK is licensed under CC 4.0

Yoyogi Station is just opposite the famous Yoyogi Park, one of the most coveted green spaces in Tokyo. The station is not as busy as many others, and still offers easy access to popular areas like Harajuku, Takeshita Dori, and Meiji Shrine. The area is great for shops, boutiques, and niche cafes serving a variety of delicious and unique treats. For those who like to exercise, Yoyogi Park is great for jogging and doing outdoor activities, and many festivities happen year-round in the park for locals and tourists to enjoy. 

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Choosing where to live is important if you want to have a good quality of life in Tokyo. While most people may enjoy a faster pace of life near a crowded downtown area, others may enjoy the peace and quiet of a less busy location. There is a good mix of these locations in Tokyo, and hopefully this list will help you explore your options when you decide to settle down in your next house or apartment in this great metropolis.

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