Living in Inagi, Tokyo: Guide For Foreigners

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Inagi is a beautiful little slice of Tokyo, an excitingly retro place sandwiched between two large patches of greenery. Located in the south-west of Tokyo, outside of the central hub of activity, Inagi offers a more joyful way of life.

Sign of Inagi Chuo Park and Kujira Bridge

"Sign of Inagi Chuo Park and Kujira Bridge" by Nikm is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The city has plenty of nature around it, despite being in such a built-up area. Inagi is situated just north of the Tama river and has massive golf courses on both the south-east and north-west sides of the city, leaving plenty of open spaces so that you don't feel boxed in by the skyscrapers of Tokyo. Those who enjoy walking through nature can enjoy strolls along the riverside or near the local farms.

Things to Do and See in Inagi

Inagi, Tokyo

"DSCF9814" by Zengame is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The area's most famous tourist attraction is Yomiuriland, home of the Yomiuri Giants Stadium. The Tokyo giants regularly train here and there are plenty of games and events held in the stadium. Yomiuriland has over forty rides and attractions ranging from the extremes of velocity to family-friendly rides. Recently they have added bizarre attractions that let visitors experience the manufacturing process behind cars, notebooks, and even fried noddles! You can take part or watch others. Along with log flumes and roller coasters, the park has 1,000 cherry trees that become a big draw in spring. There is also a pool during the summer and beautiful illuminations in the evenings. The park is never as busy as their overcrowded rivals Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan, so it makes a great day out for the family. 

Not only do you have a theme park on your doorstep in Inagi, but Sanrio Puroland is just around the corner in neighboring Tama. This park is a lot more popular than Yomiuriland, boasting famous characters and a hypnotic pastel color experience. Both parks boost the local economy bringing in tourists and supplying jobs to its residents. 

Benefits of Living in Inagi for Foreigners

Inagi Tokyo, Tama River

"Inagi, Tokyo Tama River" by hiroaki maeda is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The Inagi city office is very welcoming to foreign residents and offers free consultations in English for any problems you might have. They also do their best to provide important information, such as disaster relief information, in multiple languages.

Inagi has excellent education opportunities and is quite a scholarly city. They have Komazawa Women's University, Komazawa Women's Junior College, as well as twelve elementary schools, seven middle schools, and one high school. Plenty of educational opportunities are available beyond Inagi, easily accessible by train. 

Property in Inagi is a good value for its distance to Tokyo's city center. You can get a train to Shinjuku that takes just over half an hour or drive there in twenty minutes. To rent a decent-sized apartment you are looking at around $500 a month, but if you're looking to buy a house, prices range from $280,000 to $400,000. There is a wealth of options in this relatively small corner of Tokyo. 


Altogether Inagi is a fun little pocket of Tokyo with plenty to offer for all ages. It has a range of prices to suit multiple budgets and could be a great place to live for people in various walks of life.