Living in Yayoi, Tokyo: Guide for Foreigners

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Yayoi is a small artistic neighborhood located in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward. It was named after a specific type of pottery that was discovered in the area and is now known as an educational and cultural center in this part of the city. 

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Things To Do In Yayoi 

A large portion of Yayoi belongs to the University of Tokyo Yayoi Campus. It's dedicated to the Faculty of Agriculture and located in three historical buildings. Next to the campus, you can also see the Agricultural Museum, which showcases documents and artifacts from the university's archives. On the campus, you will also find the Yayoi Auditorium event venue and several sculptures dedicated to important figures in Yayoi's history. 

The Price And Comfort Of Living in and Around Yayoi 

Less than 2,000 residents call this small neighborhood their home. As a result, you can expect a relaxed and almost village-like lifestyle. 

The University has opened football and baseball fields, which are popular meeting places during the weekends, but also great spots for your morning run or sports training. 

Besides being a great choice for university, Yayoi and surrounding areas offer several kindergartens and elementary schools. Specialty and grocery stores are dotted across the area, and you will also find several restaurants that prepare local and international dishes. 

The entire Bunkyo area is popular among both local residents and expats, and the prices are generally higher than in many other parts of Tokyo. A comfy single bed apartment starts at around 150,000 yen per month. For those on a budget, there are small 15 square meter apartments available, which usually start at 75,000 yen per month. 


Yayoi is a popular residential district for those who want to live in a charming and relaxed area away from the city crowds, but also families and students of Yayoi University. It's an artsy neighborhood with a lively cultural scene, and the housing is overall a bit pricier than some other locations in Tokyo. The prices are mirrored in the quality and comfort of life, and this has also attracted many foreign residents, especially those from Europe and other Asian countries. 

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