New Lifestyle Hotel to Open in Azabu Juban in November

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    Global Agents Co., Ltd. opened their third lifestyle hotel, named “The Lively”, in Azabu Juban on November 1st of this year.

 Construction of the building was handled by Sogo Estate, while Global Agents are in charge of the hotel’s operations. The new hotel, which was previously the site of a Japanese onsen, is just a 3-minute walk from Azabujuban station and a 10-minute walk from Roppongi station. The building is 9 stories tall and includes a basement level with a total floor area of 3,365 square meters. There are shopping areas on the first floor and basement level.

The Lively Hotel

(exterior view of "The Lively") image: The Lively

 The reception area is located on the 2nd floor, while the 3rd to 9th floors are guest rooms. There are 3 types of guest rooms which feature elegant yet casual designs. In addition to 14 double bed rooms and 46 twin bed rooms, there are also 2 “Lively Lofts” on the top floor that can accommodate groups, with 4 beds and a sofa bed. All rooms are 19 square meters or larger, which is spacious given the hotel’s prime location. The rooms incorporate designs that maximize efficient use of the space, such as desks which can be stored when not in use.

(interior view of double bed room) image: The Lively

 In the 2nd floor front lobby, there is a multipurpose public space that can be used as a lounge, work space, or bar, where free beer is provided to guests every evening. On the 9th floor there is a bar that can be used by non-guests, aptly titled “The Lively Bar”, where live events featuring DJs will be held on weekends.

(view of the bar and DJ area) image: The Lively

 The occupancy rate in November, the first month of operations, is expected to be around 90%. The average room price is about 20,000 yen, and the average length of stay is 3 days. About half of the current guests are non-Japanese, and the number of non-Japanese guests is expected to increase over time.

 At a press conference held on October 31st, the company's representative director Takeshi Yamazaki explained that the concept behind the brand is to change the idea of a hotel from merely being a place to stay, to being a place where people, information, and opportunities all gather from across the world. “‘The Lively’,” he asserted, “is a brand which embodies that concept, and it is our goal to provide value to our customers in the form of communication-based service.”    


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