New Design Unveiled For Tokyo Music Hall in Harajuku

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Tokyo Music Hall Design HarajukuA new award-winning design for the Tokyo Music Hall in Harajuku has been unveiled. The winning design, submitted by architecture firm Hajizadeh & Associates, showcases a contemporary mix of traditional and modern Japanese architecture. The roof of the new music hall will also serve as a recreational area.

The music hall will be situated between the popular Takeshita side streets and Meiji Dori, placing it at the new city center of the Harajuku area. The project draws from traditional Japanese architecture with its steep slanted roofline, reminiscent of the pagodas found in Japanese temples and shrines. The highest point of the roofline will also serve as the street-facing entrance into the hall. The main material used to build the structure will be timber.

Tokyo music hall HarajukuThe key feature of the project is the roof, which will function as a public plaza overlooking an open green space. The roof will be open to the public, while the interior will be reserved for ticketed guests attending events inside the hall. The focus of the project is to transform urban space into an area for contemplation and leisure for people in the city.

Tokyo Music Hall Design Harajukuall photos courtesy of Hajizadeh & Associates


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