To Buy a Condominium in Bangkok is good Investment Decision

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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and attracts thousands of tourists all over the world. It offers an exceptional set of distinctiveness such as World’s best cuisine, world-renowned floating market, without screaming for help, grand palaces and temples, and gigantic skyscrapers. Bangkok is one of the famous cities of the world because of the increased gross domestic product (GDP), and increasing population (9 million) expected to grow to 11 million by 2025. That makes Bangkok 3rd largest populous city among ASEAN. Its rapid development of infrastructure, an abrupt increase in tourists and businesses has got attention local and international real estate developers.

Bangkok is the economic hub of Thailand’s and host leading domestic and international events arranged by the corporation. Recently, Bangkok is experiencing huge development in the Mass Transit Lines which is a positive sign for local and international real estate investor. It is because Bangkok is always famous for its traffic block and poor road system. According to Economists and real estate professionals, this massive investment in Bangkok’s transport would positively affect the Thailand’s economy in general and real estate in particular. The following factors explain to the real international investor a solid background to invest in Thailand’s condominium is a right decision for them:

  1. Low-cost livings
  2. Hub of Tourism
  3. High Tendency of Foreign Tenants
  4. Investment Opportunities
  5. Low Tax Rate

1.Low-Cost Living:

Thailand’s got 1st position around the world because of its low living cost for travel and live. Foreigners considered Thailand as traveling and retiree spots. Therefore, in the recent years, Thailand’s is the home of thousands of foreigners enjoying a relaxed and the cost-effective life in the country with splendid natural beauty. Overall, Thailand is considered one of the cheapest countries regarding traveling.

2.Hub of Tourism:

Thai’s people due to friendly attitude and best quality services towards tourists made Thailand most welcoming in the world. According to Forbs 2017, Bangkok is got first place edging out the London, the previous number 1 with 15.98 international visitors on the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index and generated estimated $ 14.4 Billion. It is expected that end of year Bangkok welcome 20.2 million tourists, which is slightly greater than the previous year (19.41 million). Thus, Bangkok is one of the attractive tourists place in the world. As a result, this makes Bangkok real estate attractive for the real investors more attractive.

3.High Tendency of Foreign Tenants

Bangkok is the hub of ASEAN countries and one of the famous cities due to its vibrant economy. As earlier mentioned that due to low cost living as compared to the western cities attracts thousands of foreigners to Bangkok. The abrupt increase of foreigner’s interest in the Bangkok’s market has increased rental yield. According to real estate professionals and developers, it is obvious to increase the rental yield in the coming years especially condo, and commercial buildings. In Bangkok, the rental yield evaluated on Condo by Condo and depends on some factors such as neighborhood, access to the supermarket, and the area location. Bangkok rental agencies have noticed a special behavior that 90 percent expatriates working in the Thailand preferred to rent a condo rather than purchase the real estate.

4.Investment Opportunities:

According to real-estate consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Bangkok got ninth position among the world most emerging cities. Last decade in Bangkok belongs to the infrastructure development of the city such as Mass transit system. Bangkok has transformed itself into the tourist-friendly environment- Wherein everything is designed for tourist point of view. The increasing living standards and low-cost livings have attracted a lot of real investor from neighboring country such as China, Japan, and other ASEAN countries. The foreign investors are keen to buy Bangkok’s condo for two purposes: (1) second home investment (2) low-cost livings and good quality of education system push them their teen to Thailand’s university. Financial economists are considered Bangkok an incredible place for investment and believe the secure investment for the following reasons:

  • Favorable economic indicator
  • Abrupt increase in the foreign tourists
  • Urban development 
  • Quality of life

5.Low Tax Rate:

Thailand is emerging economy and top among the world’s lowest level tax countries. As compared to the western corporate culture Thailand corporate is charged only 20% on the profit and capital gains. They favorable attitude of the government towards the small-medium enterprise growth tax rate varies differently based on the size. Therefore, Thailand is an attractive place for second home investment and people who love to starts their own business in

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