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Pattaya Basic Information

Pattaya is a city located on the west coast of Chonburi Province in eastern Thailand and is 160 km southeast of Bangkok. Although once being a small fishing village until the 1950s, Pattaya was promoted as a representative beach resort in Thailand. Not only marine sports but shopping and other entertainments are attracting tourists from all over the world. The U.S soldiers also visited Pattaya as a getaway during the Vietnam War. Pattaya is located about 1 hour by taxi and 2 and half hours by bus from Bangkok. The area of Pattaya is about 22 km2, and the population is about 100 thousand.

Pattaya Overview

Since Pattaya is only known as a resort area, tourism and service industry support Pattaya's economy. Along with the development of the tourism industry, hotels and restaurants are built, and there are about 40,000 registered hotel rooms offered in Pattaya. Moreover, due to the influence of tourism industry, the population of the city has been increasing by 3% annually on average. However, excessive concentration of tourists caused serious pollution problems, and "Pattaya special municipal law" was established to preserve the beautiful ocean.

Night time in Pattaya is also one of the allurements for tourists. While night entertainment is prosperous, prostitution has been a problem.

Popular investment area in Pattaya

  • Wongamat District

It is a resort area on the western side of North Pattaya. High-rise condominiums and resort hotels were built along the coast. A lot of foreign residents and tourists enjoy the restaurants in the area. Also, school bus to Si Racha Japanese school is available in Wongamat district, which will make the life much easier for Japanese to live.

  • Central Pattaya District

Many hotels and motels, souvenir shops, massage shops, restaurants and bars are crowded with tourists in the district. A large commercial facility on Central Pattaya Street is convenient for shopping. Foreigners from all over the world including the Japanese live low-rise condominiums around the area. .

  • Phratamnak

On the contrary to South Pattaya, Phratamnak district is a quiet residential area with many condominiums and detached houses. Because the district is a hilly area, you can see the ocean from the property. There is no big supermarket, but convenience stores, restaurants, bars are scattered.

  • Jomtien

It features streetscape of beach resort on coastline and is popular among foreigners. There are many condominiums, and many large-scale projects are currently in progress. On the south side of Jomtien Road, many large seafood restaurants where Thai people and foreigners gather.

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