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Why does your property need seismic diagnosis?

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Did you know there are many advantages if you have your property diagnosed? First of all, what is seismic diagnosis?

Seismic diagnosis let you know how a property is resistant to a huge earthquake. If your property is resistant enough to earthquake, you can refer to the result of the diagnosis to know which part to reinforce or repair. What’s more, if your property is resistant enough, you can get home mortgage exemption, registration fee and real estate acquisition tax reduction, and earthquake insurance discount.

To take these deductions, you need earthquake resistance certification to be issued. Followings are the kind of reduction you can get.

Housing loan

If you moved into the property by December, 2017, 1% of remaining amount of housing loan is exempted from income tax. If the remaining amount of loan is over 40 million yen, you can take 400 thousand yen of exemption every year for ten years.※

Registration license tax

When you buy a property, ownership transfer tax is reduced from 2.0% to 0.3%, and mortgage registration tax is reduced from 0.4% to 0.1%.

Property acquisition fee

45 thousand yen is reduced for land acquisition, and 1 million to 4.2 million yen is reduced from assessed value of a property.

Earthquake insurance

Although it depends on insurance company, you can get about 10% of insurance fee reduction.

※  The total floor area has to be over 50㎡, and at least 1/2 of the space need to be residential area to apply for housing loan exemption.

If you want an earthquake resistance certification to be issued, you can ask a registered architect’s office or a specialized agency. It costs about 100 thousand yen. Property diagnosis usually takes about 2~3 hours, and you can obtain an earthquake resistance certification within 10 days.

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