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When thinking about Japan, one of the most famous things that come to mind is Mount Fuji. Not only is Mt. Fuji a famous landmark that is great for climbing, but also the surrounding region of the mountain is an excellent choice for living in Japan. If you seek to live in a place filled with nature, scenic views, and free from crowds, the Mt. Fuji area of Yamanashi prefecture is an excellent choice for you.

Of the surrounding areas of Mt. Fuji, Kawaguchiko is one of the most popular areas for buying property, whether it's a vacation home or a place to retire. Kawaguchiko provides many opportunities for both leisure and luxury for those who seek a relaxing life as a resident or visitor from somewhere else in Yamanashi.

Nestled in between the Fuji Five Lakes at the base of Mt. Fuji, there is plenty to do for nature lovers. In the summer time, you can rent or use your own boat to go out on the lakes and enjoy the view or go fishing. In the springtime, the view of the cherry blossoms surrounding Lake Kawaguchi is a site that never gets old. Moreover, the momiji maple leaves are equally as beautiful in the fall. And most of all, one is close to the snow in the winter, providing close access to winter sport opportunities. One can enjoy seasonal beauty year round in Kawaguchiko.

Another popular area for living in Yamanashi prefecture is Hokuto. Hokuto is surrounded by mountains perfect for hiking and flower fields that have beautiful flowers in every season. Hokuto is the perfect retreat into nature away from busy city life. You can relax in a spacious home with your family or friends and enjoy the clean air. Ski resorts and onsen (Japanese hot springs) are not far from the residential areas, giving you ample opportunities for relaxing and experiencing the nature of Japan.

One of the perks of living in Yamanashi is that the houses are large but have a lower price point than most houses in areas like Tokyo. You may be far from the city, but you will still be able to find all of your daily needs wherever you choose to live in Yamanashi. Moreover, if you do find yourself wanting to visit Tokyo or Shizuoka, you are no further than an hour or two drive away!

On clear days one can see Mt. Fuji right from your window in Yamanashi prefecture. The mountain towers over in the distance, providing the ultimate scenic view. With this, it is not hard to live a peaceful, relaxed life. Houses in Yamanashi are also generally bigger than most homes you will find in heavily populated areas such as Tokyo or Osaka. You can live comfortably in a large sized home with all of your needs. Some houses retain their traditional structure and style, but many homes in Yamanashi are stylish and modern, providing luxury and maximum comfort. Whatever your preferences, there is something that is sure to please you in Yamanashi prefecture.

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