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Condominiums in Japan are getting more and more interests from potential owners, so much that we decided to explain to you, potential (or already) owner of a condominium, how a building management association works. If you purchase a Japanese condominium, you will definitely be dealing with a building management association no matter the location or building. To put it simply, a building management association is similar to a Homeowners' Association that exists in America. 

What is a Building Management Association?

This association is made up of the owners of units of a condominium building. Together, owners will discuss things such as division of fees, how certain areas, such as common areas, and so on will be managed. As there are many owners in a single condominium building, it is important to discuss as a group what is necessary for the growth and maintenance of the individual owners and building as a whole. 

The unit owners will elect board members who will not only lead the association, but also make executive decisions based on your desires as an owner. If you are not present for these meetings, the board members will represent you and make decisions on your behalf. If you are a board member yourself, you will be expected to participate in the meetings and vote on important matters throughout the year. 

The association will send you a notification in the mail about an upcoming meeting. Your response to this document is necessary, as you will need to state if you will be present or absent for the meeting. In the case that you are present, you do not need to take any further action aside from notifying that you will be there. In the case that you are absent, you can have the chairman vote in lieu for you. Otherwise, you may also give your specific vote for each issue, but this may be troublesome if you are not present to discuss the matter in detail with other members.

50% of the members must be present for the meeting to be held. If the matters being discussed are of major significance to the property, there will need to be 75% or more of members able to attend. In the case of matters such as major reconstruction or new building, 80% or more of unit owners need to vote. 

In conclusion, as an owner of a condominium, it is important for your voice to be heard in these associations. Without your vote or opinion, there may be action that goes against your wishes. It may sound troublesome to attend meetings, but in the long run, it is for the benefit of your property and your status as an owner. 

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