Living in Kodaira, Tokyo: Guide for Foreigners

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Kodaira is a pleasant suburb of Tokyo full of whimsical charm. It is located in the west but is not so far out that it's inaccessible. The region is very well connected for ease of transport around the Tokyo area.

Kodaira City Hall in Tokyo

"Kodaira City Hall" by Hykw-a4 is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Foreigner Friendly Area

 Kodiara is known for its picturesque, open spaces, despite being quite urbanized. Here you'll find plenty of charming restaurants and bars, but also public spaces that create a free and easy feel. 

Kodaira is very foreigner-friendly. The Kodaira International Friendship Association does its best to make the local area welcoming to foreign residents. For thirty years, they have been organizing international exchange programs and community workshops. Their Japanese Language classes are particularly popular. The Kodaira International Friendship Association claims to help around 5,000 foreign residents in Kodaira, with more moving there every year. This town even has a Denny's that is highly recommended to westerners who are feeling homesick.

The area is still very culturally Japanese, with well-loved bathhouses dotted around the town. The local onsen and spas are very welcoming to visitors. They are understated but well maintained, a true part of daily life in the area.

Things to Do and See

Musashino Art University in Kodaira Tokyo

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The local tourist spot Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum brings some foot traffic to the area. Here visitors can explore all sorts of different architectural marvels, ranging from massive ornate buildings to smaller, more modern residences. Most buildings are from the Meiji period and were either transported here and reassembled to preserve them or are reconstructions. Artists regularly travel to the museum to get a feel for specific settings, hoping this will help them with their drawing, painting, or to inspire them in other ways. Famous animator Hayao Miyazaki came here to work on the classic anime, 'Spirited away.'

Kodaira also has Koganei Park, one of Tokyo's biggest and best parks for viewing cherry blossoms. There are over 2,000 cherry trees within the park grounds. Naturally, locals flock to the area during spring, but it is a wonderful park to visit all year round, giving families a place to play, exercise and relax. 

Kodaira is a very health-conscious community. There are regular walking groups that encourage new members to join and improve their health. You can pick up a Kodaira city walking map and venture around the area, seeing the local sights.

Benefits of Living in Kodaira as a Foreigner

Kodaira Tokyo

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 Kodaira is a cheaper suburb of Tokyo, but depending on what type of property you want to purchase, it can become rather expensive. There are 3-bedroom houses on offer for under $300,000, but others can go up to $500,000. The area is a comfortable place to live, with useful transport links and facilities. There are several schools and universities within walking distance, with all of the opportunities of Tokyo just a short train journey away.


bikes in Kodaira Tokyo

"Musashino Art University" by no_typographic_man is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Kodaira is a gorgeous neighborhood. Here you can find open spaces, luxurious homes, and a peaceful, multi-cultural community. It is popular with foreigners not only because of the international friendship association but because of its convenient location, reasonable prices, and pleasant atmosphere.

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