Living in Kamata: Guide For Foreigners

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Kamata is certainly not the area you would go first when coming to Japan, but this sure is a place to go to, if you like hidden history, interesting stores and excellent dining.

Kamata actually had a trend-setting status that looks like Harajuku today, but before the war. In fact, it was a very well-known film town in the past, especially when it hosted the famous Shochiku studios. But it moved in the latter part of 1930s, and Kamata has never been this famous before.

Kamata - A lost glory

For local people, Kamata is still very important, as it holds a lot of history. But even though Kamata has been deserted from fame, you will be able to enjoy doing some shopping here and find an area that gives a special atmosphere with a lot of little shops but also chain stores.

Nowadays, Kamata is known for being close to Haneda Airport, its unique shopping area, and public bathhouses.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Keihin-Tohoku Line to Kamata Station (21 min.)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Saikyo Line to Oimachi Station, and transfer to the Keihin-Tohoku Line to Kamata Station (26 min.)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Yamanote Line to Shinagawa Station, and transfer to the Keihin-Tohoku Line to Kamata Station (32 min.)

Famous Locations

Kamata Hachiman Shrine

Nearby Kamata Station is Kamata Hachiman Shrine, an incredibly tranquil area surrounded by rich greenery. In the spring, a large sakura tree greets the visitor alongside the red gates. It is truly a beautiful sight to see.

There are also two very adorable dogs owned by the office. If you want ultimate relaxation, definitely stop by this serene location.


  • Address: 4-18-18 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 2-minutes on foot from Keikyu Line Kamata Station; 15-minutes on foot from JR Kamata Station

Kamata Onsen

Ota-ku (Ota Ward), where Kamata resides, is known to have the most number of public baths (sento) in Tokyo. The Kamata Onsen is a very traditional one of its kind, offering its guests a relaxed and peaceful time. You only need to pay 450yen to enjoy bathing all day.

Kamata Onsen not only offers mineral-filled black-water baths, but also a second-floor for dining and karaoke--just pay 100yen to sing one song. Enjoy a day of well-deserved relaxation in this public bath.


  • Address: 2-23-2 Kamatahonchō, Ota-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 13-minutes on foot from JR Kamata Station (East Exit) and Keikyu Line Kamata Station

Why foreigners live in Kamata

Although it is not in the central area of Tokyo, Kamata serves as an attractive area to live in due to its family-friendly accommodations. You will not need to hop on a car or train to for daily shopping, as everything is nearby Kamata Station.

However, if you do need to commute to places, Kamata Station will be very convenient. It connects to the Keihin-Tohoku Line, which directly takes you to the busy streets of Tokyo, Shimbashi, and Shinagawa. It can also take you to areas of Saitama and Yokohama.

Therefore, if you are working in Tokyo but would like a quiet place to live in, definitely choose Kamata.

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