40% of Japanese Residents Live Near an Abandoned Home

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Libin Technologies Co., Ltd. announced the results of a recent survey on Japan's abandoned home problem. The survey asked 204 men and women aged 30 and above what they thought about the issue.

abandoned home in Japan

"Old houses under skyscrapers" by elminium is licensed under CC 2.0

 Respondents in Japan were asked if they lived near an abandoned home, and 41% answered yes. When asked how they felt about it, 43% responded that they don't think anything about it, followed by 34% feeling it was wasteful. Regarding the safety factor, 11% felt it posed a danger, and finally, 9% said it made them feel uncomfortable.

How to Find the Abandoned Homes in Japan


When asked about the problems caused by these vacant houses, 47% responded that it is an eyesore due to the overgrowth of vegetation on the homes. 36% felt that it created an unsanitary living environment and led to the degradation of the surrounding landscape. Other problems cited were the danger of collapse due to building age, along with many homes being used for the illegal dumping of garbage.

 When respondents were questioned on solutions to fix the unoccupied house problem, answers ranged from "I don't know" to creating tax penalties and government intervention. 


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