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Tokyo Basic Information 

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is located in Kanto region. The focus of politics used to be in Kyoto, but since the 17th century, the capital has been moved to Tokyo. Tokyo consists of 23 exceptional districts and Tama district, including the neighbouring cities, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama, has been the largest capital region in the world. The area is 2,190,75 km2. Oshima, Miyake, Hachijo, the Ogasawara Archipelago are also the islands that belong to Tokyo. The population had reached 13,634,685 in 2016, become a region with the most amongst all the regions in Japan, accounts for 10% in the whole.

Tokyo overview

Tokyo has been focused on the service industry, the tertiary industry accounts for 90%.There are many headquarters of the major company and foreign company. Especially most of the Japanese media firms are located in Tokyo. In addition, by the location of the national bank, the bank of Japan, Tokyo has also developed as the centre of finance and also prospered with many department stores and home appliance stores.

Tokyo is planning to host 2020 Olympics, progressing the individual developments, mainly Shinjuku station and the surroundings of Shibuya and the new station between Shinagawa and Tamachi, also Otemachi, Nihonbashi and Toranomon with offices, business facilities and hotels. Furthermore, a large accommodation has been constructed as an athlete village in Harumi, subsequently going to be used as a residential area. It is going be a linear motor train connection between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027, and between Tokyo and Osaka in 2045.

Tokyo Popular Property Investment Area


Shinjuku is one of the biggest terminal stations with 13 lines throughout the world. In 2016, Busta Shinjuku opened, which not only enables a great access in Tokyo but also a lot of other places in Japan. The department stores and fashion buildings catch the eyes from all ages. Shinjuku station is always crowded with lively foreign visitors, but also the Shinjuku Gyoen park is quiet and full of nature.


Ikebukuro is one of the terminal stations. There are 8 train lines as a very great capability of access. The station is connected with department stores, house appliance stores and other shopping districts, which is absolutely convenient for shopping. And the area is also well-known as a ramen and dessert district. There are also quiet residential areas near the station, so it's reasonable for housing as well.


Kichijoji has been selected the popular residential area by Japanese and foreigners so the prices of newly built condominium have boomed since 2007 and the rental fee is also high. A lot of modern cafe and nice department stores laying on the streets, Inokashira Park and the local shopping streets are attractive as well, by this means it's been compounded as a very reasonably balanced area in terms of between nature and urban. On top of that, by the access of Keio Inokashira line and Chuo line, it's also convenient for commuting as well as for the students living along Inokashira line.


It's closer to downtown Tokyo, with the access of Yamanote line, Saikyo line, Shonan Shinjuku line and Tokyo Metro line, only 10 minutes to Shinjuku.

As there are many modern and elegant restaurants and bars around the station, it's also convenient for the people dating and eating out. It's also a place with good security and the station and its surroundings are very lively, but one step away, there is a tranquil residential area. The rate of rental fee is relatively high.  


Musashikosugi is located in Kanagawa prefecture but has ranked as the 4th most wanted to live area on SUUMO. It's speculated as the NO.1 area where the property prices are going to rise. It has the access to Nanbu line, Yokosuka line, Shonan Shinjuku line, the special express of Tokaido line(Odoriko) and Narita express. Since Kawasaki city started developing the old surroundings of Musashikosugi, from The Kosugi Tower to other various tower type condominiums and shopping districts, the property prices have been increasing year by year.

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