An Overview of Osaka, Japan

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Osaka Castle

Basic Information of Osaka

Osaka is located in the Kansai region and it is the second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. Osaka, which functions as the centre of economic and cultural development in the Kansai region, also has a history as an ancient capital. The city is famous for its unique cultures such as their street food  ‘Takoyaki’ and ‘Okonomiyaki’ and their humorous culture. Feel a different atmosphere from Tokyo as you listen to their own distinctive dialect called ‘Kansai-ben’. Although it’s a very vibrant city, it only has an area size of 1,905.14km² which is the second smallest prefecture next to Kagawa Prefecture. In 2016, the population of Osaka was 8,837,812, mostly concentrated in the centre while the population in north and south of Osaka decreasing.

Overview of Osaka

The regional economy in Osaka was stagnant due to deteriorating financial conditions in Osaka city, but recent signs of recovery are starting to appear. As the Hanshin industrial areas are spreading throughout Osaka the energy, steel, petrochemical, and machine industries are steadily developing. Osaka has the 2nd largest numbers of head offices and headquarters of major firms in the inland area (medical, scientific and machine related laboratories),  following Tokyo which has the most in Japan.  In recent years Umeda (Osaka Station), Hankyu Department Store, Daimaru was redeveloped and renewed, and Mitsukoshi Isetan and Yodobashi Camera was opened. In addition, the "Umekita Project" is being promoted in the northern district of Osaka Station for city development and the Kansai Economy.


Notable Investment Areas around Osaka Vicinities


Umeda is ranked 2nd for the 4th consecutive year in the ’Most Desired Cities to Live In'. Umeda station is a gigantic terminal where many train lines gather, and at the same time, it is a downtown area where various department stores and speciality shops gather. In recent years, development/redevelopment of condominiums are flourishing, and various choices are possible according to budget and needs.


Abeno Ward is the centre of Osaka city’s southern part. Abeno Harukasu, a skyscraper popular for shopping, can be found in Abeno Ward. In addition, there has been redevelopment around the Tennoji station area and has become an off the beaten path spot for some people. Especially, the Nishidanabe station area is popular due to its accessibility to Osaka city centre, Nagaike park, Momoike park, and Nagai park(Includes a famous soccer stadium).


Sannomiya isn’t located in Osaka Prefecture but in  Kobe Chuo Ward, Hyogo Prefecture. Nevertheless, it is popular as a real estate investment area for investors in Osaka.

In 2015, a concept for development of areas around train stations in Kobe City was summarised. There is potential for the city to develop even more so, making it an area to keep an eye on. Sannomiya is also popular among tourists as it has various restaurants, commercial, and cultural facilities to be enjoyed.

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