Living in Osaki: What is it Like For Foreigners?

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Osaki became a city in 2006, when Furukawa absorbed Matsuyama and Sanbongi (all from Shida District), Iwadeyama and Naruko (both from Tamatsukuri District), the town of Tajiri (from Tōda District) and Kashimadai.

As it is a part of the Yamanote Line, Osaki is highly convenient area to live in. In particular, it is a great area for people working in the business district of Shinagawa.

Read more about Osaki and its surrounding neighborhoods, access to different parts of Tokyo and find solace in some of the finest destinations in Osaki.

Osaki: The Luxurious Residential Areas

In the northern part of Shinagawa lies the commercial district of Osaki. As one of the seven "secondary city centers officially designated by the Tokyo Metropolis,” Osaki has several renewal projects that has made their impacts around the Art Village Osaki, Ōsaki Station of Yamanote Line, Oval Court Osaki, Osaki New City, and Gate City Osaki.

In the east side of Osaki is a residential area filled with high rise apartments and condominiums. Residents live alongside abundant beautiful nature, such as the Meguro River and the Onari-bashi Park.

In the west side resides ThinkPark, a massive building that houses offices, shops, and restaurants. Unlike the east side, there are houses aside from apartments. With plenty of affordable supermarkets, you are able to live a convenient life here.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station (14 min.)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station (8 min.)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Shonan-Shinjuku Line (10 min.) or Yamanote Line to Osaki Station (15 min.)

Famous Locations

Osaki Station

Osaki Station is gradually getting the attention it desires with the development that has surrounded it. There are department stores and office buildings that have found their homes here.

Business travelers find it easier to come to Osaki because of the Yamanote line that graces Osaki Station. The station is not difficult to navigate when you compare it to other intricate stations around Tokyo.

There are signs written in English that will give foreigner information without struggling with Japanese. There are several places you can get something to eat at the station.


  • Address: 1-21 Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo

O Art Museum

O Art Museum is one of the famous places you can visit in Osaki. Operated by the Juridical Foundation, Shinagawa Cultural Promotion Association, the spacious multipurpose museum will help you appreciate art works.

The museum was named “O”, which is the first letter of Osaki, the name of the location of the museum, and whose shape also represents the loop of the Yamanote-line on which Osaki station is.


  • Address: 1-6-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Location: 1 minute on foot from Osaki Station

Irugi Shrine

**IMAGE**It has been said that the Irugu Shrine predates the Edo Period. At the onset, the shrine was vulnerable to floods and storms because of its proximity to a river. The locals had to relocate its location to where it stands today.

The Irugu Shrine area is popular for its kiji green pheasants and was formerly referred to as the Kiji no Miya Green Pheasant Shrine. It was renamed Irugi Shrine in 1871.


  • Address: 3-8-20 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Location: 3-minutes on foot from Osaki Station

Why Foreigners Live In Osaki

Architecture and Shopping

The architectural design of Osaki is magnificent. There are many establishments you may want to visit for your shopping and sightseeing. The Central Tower and Art Village Osaki, for instance, are some of the places you will fall in love with when you come to Osaki.

The Gate City Osaki also is a spot for meals, water fountains, and beautiful scenery. Beyond the shopping and the beauty of structures in Osaki, the mellow atmosphere is ideal for those who are not interested in the bustling life of Tokyo.

Affordable Accommodation

Most foreigners are looking out for apartments that can save them money. There are accommodation options for foreigners or visitors in Osaki, from luxury apartments to shared homes.

The choice is yours to make if you will spend a couple of days in Osaki. Whether you are a student or a business traveler, Osaki is a place to begin your journey.

The Gastronomic Appeal

You will love the gastronomic selections that Osaki has for you. You can decide to eat with the locals on the streets or even dine with the rich in some of the exotic restaurants in the area.


For those who do not like noise or excesses, Osaki can be your perfect spot. If you are a busy office worker living in Tokyo, Osaki provides you a easily accessible and peaceful residential area in the heart of the city.

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