Living in Roppongi: How is it like for foreigners?

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Roppongi is Tokyo’s pulsing heartbeat when it comes to nightlife. You will literally feel the excitement in the air when the sun sets. The district offers a large number of embassies, friendly bars, nightclubs and houses a large number of expats. Roppongi, meaning “six trees,” positively affects its surrounding districts with its lively environment and love for the good things of life.

The general appeal to Roppongi changed when it got two of the biggest redevelopment projects in Tokyo; Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Today, the private and public spaces, luxury hotels, and offices have made the district the love of everyone.

You have nothing to lose when you come to Roppongi thanks to the several tourist attraction sites scattered in the district. Cultural displays are seen in the many art museums such as the largest art museum in Japan, The National Art Center, the Suntory Museum of Art, and the Mori Art Museum.

If you are a newcomer, you can make use of this travel guide to find your way around Roppongi and its popular destinations.

Roppongi - The Nightlife Haven of Tokyo

There is more to Roppongi than the impressive architectural structures and stunning shrines and temples. The nightlife drags everyone who ever steps foot on the soil of Roppongi to its numerous dance floors, bars, clubs and other night activities.

Night owls will love this place that has endless entertainment and leisure options for everyone.


  • From Tokyo Station, take the Marunouchi Line to Kasumigaseki Station, and transfer to the Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (approx. 16 minutes)
  • From Shibuya Station, take the Tokyu-Toyoko Line to Nakameguro Station, and transfer to the Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (approx. 16 minutes)
  • From Shinjuku Station, take the Oedo Line to Roppongi Station (approx. 10 minutes)

Famous Locations

Tokyo Midtown

In 2007, a city within a city was opened in Roppongi district. Tokyo Midtown has become a popular destination with its luxury hotel, park space, museums, restaurants, shops, offices and apartments. Everything you ever need in a city is provided in Tokyo Midtown.

There is also one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo located here, the 248-meter tall Midtown Tower.

One of the best hotels in Japan, Ritz Carlton Tokyo occupies the top floors of this edifice. You can enjoy magnificent views of Tokyo from any of the rooms in this hotel.

The Tokyo Midtown also accommodates one of the museums of the "Art Triangle Roppongi", the Suntory Museum of Art. Behind the buildings is the Hinokicho Park, a Japanese theme garden.


  • Address: 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo
  • Directions: Tokyo Midtown is directly connected with Roppongi Station on the Oedo Subway Line. It is a 5-10 minute walk from the platforms of the Hibiya Subway Line

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills was opened in 2003, and just like the Tokyo Midtown, it is a city within a city. It features a hotel, offices, open observation deck, apartments, restaurants, art museum, and shops. Global IT and financial sectors have their offices in this residence.

Roppongi Hills has become the hub of the Japanese IT industry. One of the tallest buildings in the city, the 238-meter Mori Tower stands proudly here.

Other areas of interest in this beautiful city are the Grand Hyatt luxury hotel, the Mori Garden, the Toho Cinemas movie theater, and the TV Asahi’s headquarters on the ground floor.


  • Address: 6-11-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo
  • Directions: 5-minute walk from the Hibiya Line platform of Roppongi Station and a 10 minute walk from the Oedo Line platform of Roppongi Station.

The National Art Center

Your visit to Roppongi is not complete without a visit to one of the largest exhibition halls in Asia, The National Art Center. It was designed by the famous Kisho Kurokawa.

The exhibitions displayed are some of the most visited on planet earth. The strange thing about this center is that it is empty. There are no curators, permanent displays, and collections. It only handles temporary exhibitions sponsored or curated by an organization.


  • Address: 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Directions: 4-minutes on foot from Oedo Line Roppongi Station, and 5-minutes on foot from Hibiya Line Roppongi Station

Why foreigners live in Roppongi

The Overwhelming Nightlife

The nightlife in Roppongi is really vibrant. You are exposed to different night activities, such as the energetic karaoke lounges, upscale bars, and packed dance clubs. It is nearly impossible to run from the expensive nightlife in Tokyo, but come to the Roppongi district and spend less.

There are hordes of youngsters, expats, and tourists who come out in the night to meet new people, dance, and drink. The nightlife has become one of the district’s strongest points.

The Colourful Firework Festivals

Fireworks have become an integral part of the history and culture of Japanese. Throughout the year, there are hundreds of festivals and dazzling shows that will put you on your toes. The summer offers you some of the biggest firework celebrations. In July, the Katsushika Festival will give you a vivid memory you may not forget for ages.

The Fast Transit

A few minutes apart from each other, Roppongi has two stations: the Roppongi Station of the Hibiya Line and the Roppongi Station of the Oedo Line.

Through the Hibiya Line, you can directly reach Kasumigaseki (Tokyo’s center for politics), Ginza, and Tokyo Station via Hibiya Station.

Through the Oedo Line, you can directly reach Shinjuku, Shiodome (one of Tokyo’s bustling business district), and other central areas of Tokyo.


Even the over-ambitious adventurists are satisfied by Roppongi. It is famously notorious for its entertainment and upmarket developments.

Tokyo may not be the perfect place for some foreigners because it has been taken by technology and architectural edifice, not with the expensive nature of the place. However, you can save money in Roppongi, get your dream home and enjoy the good things that life got to offer from its numerous luxury-appointed apartments.

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