How to Trust Your Real Estate Agent in Japan

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How to trust  your real estate agent in Japan?

In Japan, “takken”, officially means real estate broker license. In year 1958, the ministry of construction has set real estate broker license as a national qualification for people who wish to involve in real estate business. License holder/Agents are then bound by the rules and regulations set under this business laws. This is to promote fair and smooth dealings between the buyer and seller. And thus, seller’s interest will be protected.

Becoming a  registered Real Estate broker and the valid period of Real Estate Broker  License

Passing the real estate broker licensing examination alone will not make you a real estate broker right away. You need to also register your license with the governor of prefecture and to get approval from them.

You are required to have more than two years working experience in the same or similar industry in order to register for the qualification. However, if you take up a business lesson, you will be recognized as an individual who has the same set of skill and knowledge as above.


The license has a valid period of 5 years. If you need to renew it, you have to take a court lesson and to rewrite your license.



How to  trust a House agent?

Do you know how it is different from real estate companies?

House agent only provides sales and mediation services (for example, distribution service) as opposed to real estate companies which provide services like sales, mediation, rental, maintenance and so on.

House agent must be formed by a number of real estate brokers that are decided by the ministerial ordinance from the ministry of land with the consideration of the scale of its office and business content.

Therefore, we can say that the more real estate brokers the company has, the better the company it is in terms of quality.

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