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Hyogo is one of the most important prefectures in Kansai area. Kobe city being the capital city of the prefecture, the metropolitan area with easy access of transportation, shopping centers, office area, and greenery relaxation. Meanwhile, many expatriates also enjoy living in the area.

1. Geo Grande Okamoto Ichome

The city of Higashi-Nada in Kobe is one of the established residential areas, Higashi-Nada was ranked as the 4th in “The Kansai’s most wanted cities to live in 2017”. The city is also famous as a high status residential area and is especially popular with families. Easily accessible to downtown, only 2 minutes walk to the 2 different stations. There are convenience store, pharmacy, and supermarket for shopping needs.

  • Selling price: start from JP¥88,000,000 (USD 772,000)
  • Location: 1-8-4 Okamoto Kobe-shi Higashinada-ku
  • Building Floor: 5-story plus 1 basementUnit 
  • Size: start from 84.7 m2

2. Geo Itamichuo

Itami city is located in south-east side of Hyogo Prefecture, having Inagawa river and Mukogawa river running through the city. It’s very easy to access to the urban central area, only 3 minute walk is needed to nearly located Itami station. Shopping malls and other commercial facilities are available within the 10 minute walking distance.

  • Selling price: start from JP¥40,600,000 (USD 356,000)
  • Location: 4-1-1 Chuo Itami-shi, Hyogo
  • Building floor: 12-story
  • Unit size: start from 66.42 m2

3. Geo Nishinomiya Kitaguchi the Sofia

Geo Nishinomiya Kitaguchi the Sofia is in the popular Nishinomiya area which is rich in greenery and geographically privileged with the convenience of transport, education, and cultural facilities. Access comfortably to the city center. 7 minutes walk to Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station. Live in peace with excellent security. Also it is convenient for families as there are kindergartens, elementary, and middle schools all within 20 minutes by foot.

  • Selling price: start from JP¥59,900,000 (USD 526,000)
  • Location: 30-2 Tashiro-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
  • Building floor: 5-story
  • Unit size: start from 70.73 m2

4. Geo Nishinomiyakitaguchi Crowns

Not only is the popular city of Nishinomiya rich with nature and geographically privileged, transportation is convenient, and educational/cultural facilities are. Easily accessible to downtown. Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station is the nearest station. The apartment receives excellent natural-light as it faces south while the graciousness of the building blends in perfectly with the calm townscape. Live in peace as the apartment is fully equipped with security.

  • Selling price: start from JP¥82,800,000 (USD 727,000)
  • Location: 27-8 Oya-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
  • Building floor: 5-story
  • Unit size: start from 110.0 m2

5. Geo Nishinomiyakitaguchi the Grace

Easily accessible to downtown, only 7 min walk to Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi. The fusion of refinement, urban, and warmth for residency is enabled by a mix of an urbanized modern style and the materials used. It is convenient for people because there are a wide range of corridors that a wheelchair can pass easily thanks to the auto switch motion sensor inside the rooms.

  • Selling price: start from JP¥65,800,000 (USD 577,500)
  • Location: Ryodocho Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
  • Building floor: 5-story + 1 basement
  • Unit size: start from 92.96 m2

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