Tokyo Apartments For Sale: Shinjuku Top Picks

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Looking for property in central Tokyo? Shinjuku is the best place to live. Located in the heart of Tokyo with easy access of transportation, shopping centers, office area, and greenery relaxation. These are some top picks apartments all over Shinjuku ward.

1. Geo Yotsuya Sakamachi

Geo Yotsuya Sakamachi is 5 minute walk from the nearest station, Akebonobashi. This apartment is close to Atre Yotsuya, where wide range of shops are available. Fashion and miscellaneous goods, groceries, restaurants, and cafes, is there to fulfil daily needs. Shinjuku station is only 15 minutes away, where the city filled with working and life balance.Selling price: start from JP¥37,190,000 (USD 326,000)Location: 23-2 Sakamachi, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 7-storyUnit size: start from 38.45 m2Year of build: 2014

2. Geo Nishi Twin Residence

Luxury condominium Geo Nishi Twin Residence is a condominium series from Hankyu Realty Co., Ltd. It is located at the heart of Shinjuku, offering mixed activities such as business, shopping, and urban life. Convenience with various facilities like supermarket, drugstore, and hospital within 5-minutes walking distance. Living in urban life with quality and elegance.Selling price: start from JP¥39,800,000 (USD 349,000)Location: 1-20-4 Kitashinjuku, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 13-storyUnit size: start from 40.13 m2Year of build: 2012

3. Wellith Shinjuku Waseda no Mori

This condominium will become the most stylish landmark in Shinjuku, the design is based on an “expression of multiple layers”. Located in an educational district that is complemented by environmentally friendly features which makes it an absolute bargain since you can simultaneously enjoy the convenience of the area and a comfortable residential district at the same time! Moreover, there are 3 major stations nearby in which has access to 5 metro and JR lines.Selling price: start from JP¥49,980,000 (USD 440,000)Location: 3-170-316 Okubo, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 13-story plus 1 basementUnit size: start from 44.77 m2Year of build: completion in 2018

4. Laurel Court Shinjuku Tower

Laurel Court Shinjuku Tower is built for living environment in Shinjuku. At the entrance, you are welcomed with a lot of trees, followed by the two-story atrium entrance hall. It is the atmosphere full of elegance all over the space. Shinjuku Gyoen Park within walking distance, offering greenery relaxation during the city hectic activities. Shinjuku Gyoen station gives convenience in travel.Selling price: start from JP¥58,300,000 (USD 511,000)Location: 12-1 Tomihisacho, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 32-story plus 2 basementUnit size: start from 50.59 m2Year of build: 2002

5. The Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower 60

Part of the Park House brand, the Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower 60 is a new landmark tower residence in Nishi-Shinjuku. There are extensive on-site facilities such as a beautiful landscaped garden, upmarket lounge space, sky lounge, high-end gym, function hall, and 24-hour management with concierge services. Nishi-Shinjuku, Tochomae and Nishi-shinjuku-gochome stations are within 7-8 minutes walk, Shinjuku station can be easily reached in 18 minutes.Selling price: start from JP¥59,200,000 (USD 519,000)Location: 5-700 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 60-storyUnit size: start from 48.07 m2Year of build: 2017

6. Geo Ichigaya Haraikata-cho

Geo Ichigaya Haraikata-cho is facing the highway which showing the "House of colors" neighborhood with the lighting of Zenteiminami and "House of Rin". Ushigome Kagurazaka is the nearest station, offering access to the city center in less than 15 minutes. It is close to the Showa Hall, where exhibited materials during the war and post-war life.Selling price: start from JP¥66,720,000 (USD 585,000)Location: 9-11 Haraikatamachi, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 6-storyUnit size: start from 61.38 m2Year of build: 2012

7. Dresser Mejiro Konoe-cho

Dresser Mejiro Konoe-cho is a low-rise type luxury condominium located in the entrance of Mejiro street. It is one of the luxury apartments to represent the exclusive residential area in the hill district. Mejiro station is at walking distance. In addition, there is a hanging garden on the roof.Selling price: start from JP¥78,920,000 (USD 692,000)Location: 2-19-13 Shimoochiai, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 3-story plus 1 basementUnit size: start from 85 m2Year of build: 2007

8. Wellith Yotsuya

Located in the hill area of south side, it has realized the distribution building plan of the south-facing center by taking advantage of the slope of the hills. Even though it is located in the city center, Wellith Yotsuya has rich greenery with a "garden terrace" private space only for residents.Selling price: start from JP¥72,820,000 (USD 638,000)Location: 10-8 Sugacho, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 5-story plus 1 basementUnit size: start from 55 m2Year of build: 2013

9. Geo Gyoen Naitomachi

Geo Gyoen Naitomachi is located approximately 70 meters east of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (300 meters from the park entrance) and 800 meters from the National Stadium (which is being redeveloped for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics). This apartment is offering views of the park and the Shinjuku skyline.Selling price: start from JP¥73,800,000 (USD 647,000)Location: 1-30 Naitomachi, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 10-story plus 1 basementUnit size: start from 62.04 m2Year of build: 2016

10. Seven House Mejiro

The surroundings of Seven House Mejiro is situated in an excellent residential area for the convenience in a well-constructed apartment complex with mixed use. Seven Houses Mejiro features simple but yet rich architectural design and interior design, fulfilling various lifestyles of the residents. From the Seven House Mejiro, there are various facilities such as hospitals, schools and supermarkets within walking distance. The nearest station is Meguro Station.Selling price: start from JP¥95,800,000 (USD 840,000)Location: 3-22 Shimoochiai, Shinjuku-kuBuilding floor: 3-storyUnit size: start from 122.72 m2Year of build: 2011

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