Shop Till You Drop in Ginza: 5 Don’t Miss Boutiques

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Ginza is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Tokyo and is most known for its fabulous high-end shopping district. Famously known for its massive department stores and boutiques, it's the best place to shop for both Japanese and international brands. Luxury stores like Gucci, Bvlgari, Chanel and Louis Vuitton line the streets alongside Apple, H&M and GAP., to name a few, making it more and more affordable for everyone of all price ranges to enjoy. This glitzy urban jungle has it all. Whatever you're looking for, you can shop till you drop in Ginza.  

Ginza, Tokyo

"Ginza, Tokyo Japan" by Luke Zeme is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Whether you're buying or just window shopping, take a look at 5 exceptional boutiques you won't want to miss while visiting Ginza.

1. Gyokusendo

Gyokusendo in Ginza 6image via Ginza Six

Established in 1816, this company has been producing fine copperware for over 200 years. The showroom's amazing interior uses copper paneling hand-hammered by Gyokusendo's twenty-one copper artisans. The boutique features copperware, silver, mokume-gane ware, tea and sake ware and so much more. The beauty of their work increases with age. Go to the newly opened, largest shopping complex in Ginza, Ginza Six, on the main shopping street, Chuo Dori, for an unforgettable experience.

2. Mark's Style Tokyo    

Mark's Style Tokyo in Ginza 6

image via Ginza Six

Also in the Ginza Six shopping complex, Mark's Style is a premium design gift store that strives to introduce the world to the charms of Japan. From stationary to miscellaneous lifestyle items, their gift concepts are unique in functionality, quality and design. Their staff of gift concierges have extensive knowledge of their products and are available to provide all the assistance you need to find the perfect, most memorable gifts and keepsakes.

3. UNIQLO   

UNIQLO Flagship Store in Ginza

"Uniqlo Ginza" by Wpcpey is licensed under CC BY 4.0 

Uniqlo is the most popular clothing store in Japan. The Ginza location is the flagship store that spans 12 floors, making it their largest outlet in Japan. Everything Uniqlo can be found here, whether it's heat tech shirts, wireless bras or customized tote bags. Due to the high traffic of tourism, the staff at this store is uniquely cosmopolitan and about 100 out of the 500+ staff members are non-Japanese. The shopping is tax-free so don't forget to bring your passport.

4. Noritake

Noritake in Ginzaimage via Pinterest

Noritake is a store that specializes in the high-value Okura Art China. About 100 years ago, Noritake was the first Japanese company to produce a full dinnerware set. Today the shop boasts a large selection of Okura porcelain, often used at Japanese guesthouses. You'll also find Western porcelain arts and crafts and various gifts suitable for all occasions. Meticulously crafted, every Okura piece is done in-house. Browse for fun and you may find that special piece to take home.

5. Kanematsu

Kanematsu in Ginzaimage by Rena F.

The Kanematsu store in Ginza is the company's largest shop and it's all about women's shoes and bags. Open since 1947, women shoppers from all over the world go to indulge in the pleasure of shopping for the stylish and elegant Made in Japan products. The store's highly trained staff will carefully measure your feet and adjust the shoes to fit your unique shape. Come on, Ladies...it's a shopping experience that will have you walking on air.

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