Top Luxury Watch Brands Made in Japan

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Japanese artisans are internationally recognized as some of the most diligent and hard-working in the world; nowhere is this more prevalent than in the watch industry. Japan is the chief competition to Switzerland when it comes to watch production, offering some gorgeous designs from notable brands. Read on to discover some of the top Japanese luxury watches.


image via Minase 

They are a small but stylish brand that makes watches that are quite the talking point. Minase produces less than 500 watches a year and sell them almost exclusively within Japan. This scarcity is due to their craftsmanship. Minase watches are made in the style of traditional Japanese wooden puzzles, meaning that they are intricately arranged and constructed in such a way that the watch can be disassembled then reassembled without harming the inner mechanics. The company was inspired to make the perfect watch after producing tools used by jewelers for years. Their intricacy has made them a big name in the watchmaking world, even if they are a small company.

Frank Miura

"Frank Miura Watch" by Tatsuo Yamashita is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

An Osaka watch brand with a sense of humor, Frank Miura watches are becoming very popular as unique and quirky fashion items. The company prides itself on being different and producing fun yet stylish watches often adorned with cute or bizarre designs. The company name is, of course, a parody of Frank Muller, the famous Swiss Watchmaker who named a company after himself. The ethos of these watches is to poke fun at the world and to point out how unimportant fashion really is. If you buy one, you’re telling the world to take it’s self a little less seriously.


"Knot" by jack.chih is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Knot is an up and coming luxury watch brand that encourage their customers to get creative. You can mix and match their watches to your own personal style. They rarely sell watches and straps together, believing them to be separate fashion items. Some even have different straps for different occasions, swapping them out depending on the mood. Knot watches have a unique lever attached that allows for the changing of straps without specialist tools.


"Seiko SBDX001 dial" by MobyRichardFollow is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The most consistent and reliable watch brand in Japan, Seiko are always elevating the Japanese watch industry to new heights. They, of course, built the first quartz watch and have been a well-known brand ever since. They produce a wealth of different designs, differing in purpose and price, but all are made to the highest quality possible. Their automatic watches are particularly popular for those who have an active lifestyle. 


"Citizen Calibre 8651" by George Thomas is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Citizen watches are a comfortable brand with a range of styles to suit almost anyone. In 2007 they bought the luxury brand Bulova, one of the oldest and highest regarded watch brands in the world. Citizen still produces stylish Bulova watches under the same name operating out of America. Their citizen branded watches are often equipped with eco-drive technology, which means they can take in power from both natural sunlight and artificial light. They frequently partner with big brands, such as Disney, to produce watches packed full of pop culture references for those who are not satisfied with the stylish, muted tones of their usual work. 

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